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It has rained a lot since the last time we met! On Thursday, March 24, he returned Valkyrie’s night, an afterwork where we gather communication, travel and events agencies to spend a different night and, in addition, to present a project that we are very excited to tell you about. We have a new recording studio, which we call The Studio by Valkiria. We tell you all about it!

Crises are opportunities and our team knows this very well. In the new post-pandemic context, the world is moving differently. It is no secret that the forms of communication have evolved voraciously towards digitalization and that content in video format has taken on an important relevance for brands.

recording studio

Creativity, music and art

We wanted to show live everything we can achieve with the recording studio, but at the same time enjoy a unique atmosphere, with a modern, balanced and healthy gastronomic proposal, good music, art and a lot of creativity, under the direction of our founder and CEO. Iolanda Triviñowith the participation of our great communication team.

The objective of the evening was to generate alliances among the attendees to contribute to the reactivation of the MICE sector, so necessary at this time. “This time has not passed in vain, we are here for a common purpose: to connect, collaborate and continue creating community,” said Iolanda Triviño.

Thus, in The Studio by Valkiria we take advantage of the real power of video to create, design and transmit the essence of a brand and of all the brands that trust our team. To this we add state-of-the-art technology to implement a 100% smart environment.

recording studio

Create professional videos!

The recording studio offers different options; for example, creating professional videos that you can then publish to capture the attention of your target audience.
as well as producing totally innovative broadcasts in real time.

This second option allows us to direct the attendees’ experience to a digital environment, controlling their focus at all times and connecting with your audience in an immersive environment. This new approach promises to capture your audience’s interactions as if they were part of an in-person event. Our great ally is POLx, developers of the platform.

That is, we seek to generate videos that have high reach with your target audience thanks to the tools that we will include in them, such as augmented reality techniques, gamification, live chats through Telegram and other options that will enhance your audiovisual content. We will create a connection in a 360° environment thanks to our disruptive proposal.

afterwork mice valkyrie

Who are we targeting?

“We designed The Studio by Valkiria so that companies and independent professionals can project their brand within a space that offers immersive experiences. We offer them the possibility to record different videos, whose formats are able to adapt to the needs of our users,” said Lissette Cruz.director of Valkiria Hub Space.

The studio is located at 126 Pujades street. We are part of the 22@ innovation district and have more than 3,500 square meters distributed in different spaces for recording and live broadcasting. If you want to know more about the recording studio,
you can visit the new page with all the content.

recording studio in barcelona

This experience is aimed at all independent professionals and the entrepreneurial ecosystem, offering solutions related to: webinars, conferences, congresses, tutorials, team building, gamification, digital content, road shows, events, mass media programs, hackathons, contests and much more.

If you missed the launch,
you can access the live webcast of March 24. Relive the most special moments with us!


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