10 ideas for designing sustainable events

You can never have too much when it comes to sustainability. Therefore, we share ten ideas that will make your life easier when creating sustainable events. Keep in mind that sustainability not only has an environmental focus, we can also be sustainable in the economic and social spheres. Let’s go for it!

Remember that with the actions of each one of us we can contribute to slow global warming and protect the planet. It is not difficult to implement less environmentally damaging behaviors, and here we will show you how.

So, now that we are clear, let’s be part of the solution by applying these 10 ideas to design a sustainable event:

1. Do not exceed the capacity

Respect the capacity of the space where the event is held. Do not exceed the limit of attendees because this could cause from minor to serious problems, such as incidents that endanger people’s physical well-being.

2. Well-thought-out purchases

Avoid single-use plastic. Instead, buy products that can be put to different uses. Avoid purchasing unnecessary items. Less is more!

3. Recycling for life

Recycle as many materials as possible from previous activities. Use your creativity to reuse products purchased at past events. You will find that ideas will flow by themselves and ingenuity will come to the fore.

4. Natural light

Hold events during the day to save electricity. Open natural light sources, this will help to illuminate the spaces you occupy. This way you will save a lot of money and your pocket will thank you for it.

5. Energy saving

Using energy efficient light bulbs in rooms is not an option, it’s a must! Gone are the days of energy-consuming light bulbs that consumed energy in vain.

6. Sustainable transport

Rent space for your events near subway lines and bus stops. This will make it easier for attendees to get around and save them several minutes of stress trying to get to the venue. Make things easier for him!

7. Parking

Locating bike lanes and bike racks near the event space is a good idea. Try to put yourself in the place of those who are taking care of the planet by riding a bike.

8. Social inclusion

Determine the availability and accessibility of adapted restrooms in advance. Put yourself in the shoes of those with mobility problems. The universe will thank you and so will they!

9. Ecofriendly

Reward people who choose to take public transportation or bicycle to the event (free drinks, discounts, T-shirts, etc.). Initiatives in favor of the planet should always be highlighted.

10. Buy local

Choose local (km0), organic and fair trade products. Prioritize local businesses, thus supporting the circular economy of the neighborhood where you organize the event.

Did you find these ideas for designing sustainable events interesting? Would you like to take a sustainability test? Click here to find out how sustainable your events are. Share these ideas with your network!

See you in the next post.


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