Intuitive leadership. Bring out the leader in you

What are your skills that you are not aware of and be the best version of yourself?

On June 20, we offered the keys to develop the intuitive intelligence of those who lead, from a scientific and neural point of view.

We learned that it is not only necessary to take into account rational logical thinking to make decisions, but also intuitive intelligence, since interpreting information and reading between the lines is fundamental to anticipate certain situations in both personal and professional environments.

The book ‘Intuitive Leadership’ addresses the growing phenomenon of leadership from a unique perspective that invites you to walk the path of self-knowledge.

The book reflects the spirit of its authors Lorena Rienzi and Alexia de la Morena: enthusiasm and continuous concern for learning and passion for innovation. A truly inspiring read!

Also in attendance was Professor Simon Dolan, CEO of the Global Future of Work Foundation and responsible for the book’s foreword.


Find all the information about the event here

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