Valkiria Social is the new way to share culture in Barcelona

Social events tailored to the Valkyrie community for the whole of Barcelona. For several months, the new concept of social events in Barcelona and Poblenou has been configured, it is Valkiria Social, an initiative that seeks the development of cultural activities of all kinds in the facilities of Valkiria.

Having the ability to adapt spaces is one of the greatest advantages of Valkiria’s industrial buildings. And if you add to that the 360º value proposition it offers, it is the perfect setting for any cultural event.

For Valkiria, it is an opportunity to open the doors to all those interested in enjoying culture and for creators to find a space to showcase their talent. For us it is very satisfying to be part of a circuit of venues that contribute to the culture of Barcelona and receive creators, designers, musicians and all social forms of sharing culture.


Valkiria Social is an initiative that has been joined by
Social Lemonade
a social network dedicated to connecting venues, artists and people looking for unique experiences around the world. Through your platform, Valkiria has a profile in which it periodically publishes its events and it is there where attendees register to enter the event, get discounts on tickets, food and beverages that they can enjoy during the event.

Valkyrie Social Event

The advantage of Valkiria spaces offers the possibility of adapting to the needs of each event and value proposition that the city of Barcelona has to offer. This is why, regardless of the proposal, Valkiria adjusts to the needs of the different and very demanding audiences of those who are looking for a varied and wide offer to develop their events.


Returning to social life after having achieved the new normal was pleasing to Valkyrie, as safe culture is key to maintaining the spirit of Barcelona. Connecting with artists, audiences, photographers and music lovers was possible thanks to the opening concert with Mozart & Band, who made the space vibrate with an injection of Rock.

But not only Rock has taken Valkyrie. Brazilian music, its rhythms, lyrics and great staging was in charge of Mistura de Mares, a group whose unfeasible cultural contribution has nuances of Brazilian, Portuguese and Spanish culture that make the music enter your pores and transport you to fascinating places.

valkiria social music Barcelona


Theater companies find in Valkiria an opportunity to perform their productions according to their scenic and audio needs and adapting the spaces. The first to embark on this adventure with us were Hipótesis Ficción, a company that bets on experiential interpretation with their play “Rendirse es un buen comienzo” (Surrender is a good start).

If we add to this the technological capacity, Valkiria’s own gastronomic offer driven by Sensum Food Lab and its Bistrot restaurant, it is possible to formulate the perfect event according to the demand for cultural events that are at the level of the best European cities.

Bistrot gastronomy

This new offer of Valkiria is designed to meet the needs of creative companies and different groups that find in the two industrial buildings, the ideal space to carry out their events with total security within the new normality, and allows culture to be safe for everyone.

If you want to be part of these new unique experiences, do not hesitate to contact us through our social networks, email or phone numbers. Come and design the social event of your dreams and let us be part of your contribution to the culture of the city.


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