Innovation, originality and collaboration
are in our DNA

Get to know the essence of Valkyrie

We design events focused on developing talent, creativity and business excellence.

At Valkiria, we believe that people are the most important asset of companies: with their professional development, they grow, reinvent themselves and adapt to a constantly changing work environment. Therefore, our events are focused on enhancing your well-being and talent from an innovative and creative perspective.

New trends,
creativity, innovation

Our team is constantly searching for new trends, international references and new technologies to create groundbreaking events that surprise and leave an impression on our attendees.

We love to experiment and, after 15 years of experience, we continue to learn with every event we carry out. We take our work as a challenge to improve ourselves.

We collaborate and co-create

At Valkiria, we believe that events are always more enriching if they have different perspectives.

We work together with companies, agencies and event organizers to design experiences and activities that break away from the established format and stand out for their creativity.

Valkiria Institute For Futures
research for innovation

Valkiria Iff is a digital activation hub for labor innovation, comprising new trends, learning & research lab and talent acceleration.

Our goal is to share knowledge and connect entrepreneurs, companies and organizations that want to be an active part of the change.

Our team at Valkiria Hub Space

Iolanda Triviño
Founder & CEO


Claudia Pisfil
Marketing and Communication

Lissette Cruz
Director Valkiria Hub Space


Daniela Correa
Project manager

Miquel Garrobé
Finance Valkiria Group

Miquel Garrobé
Finance Valkiria Group

Discover the Valkyrie Experience

We create events in Barcelona focused on people to stimulate their talent and creativity. Our HUB of groundbreaking industrial design, with more than 1500m2 and in the heart of 22@, the innovation district, offers you different multipurpose spaces to turn your event into a transforming, surprising and memorable experience.

Looking for inspiration or space for your event?

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