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    35 M2

    15 Px




    Food & Drink



    A groundbreaking space for your small format events.

    InnoKube is the heart of Valkyrie and represents its avant-garde spirit. This 35 m2 floating cube, with capacity for 15 people, is visible from all points of our HUB and is ideal for events with limited capacity. For this purpose, it is equipped with a screen to show presentations, whiteboards and materials for an enriching creative teamwork session. If you’re looking for a surprising space that brings out the most creative side of people, you’ve found it!

    Types of events possible in InnoKube


    What is InnoKube like?

    This space is a true architectural singularity that surprises both inside and out: the participants in your event will be fascinated by its transparent floor. You can see the map below:

    Want to know more about this inspiring space?

    Services available

    Co-creation of events

    Creating an impactful and innovative event in this incredible space will be much easier with the experience, knowledge and creativity of our team.

    Tell us what kind of event you have in mind and together we will make it happen. Attendees will experience a unique moment that will leave an indelible impression.

    Space rental

    In Valkiria HUB you will find rooms and multipurpose spaces for events of any format. If you want to create an intimate, creative and inspiring experience, InnoKube is an ideal and surprising option.

    We will be happy to recommend the room that best suits your needs and you can take advantage of other spaces, such as Bistrot by Valkiria, to round off your event.

    Bistrot by Valkiria

    Valkiria HUB has its own restaurant that offers an innovative and creative gastronomic offer, based on a fresh, healthy and fun cuisine.

    The Bistrot is open from Monday to Friday, with a varied offer of breakfast, brunch and daily menu. In addition, the space can be adapted to all types of events: team building, show cooking, tastings and more.

    Why choose Valkyrie?

    Different functional and multipurpose spaces strategically located in 22@ to adapt to any type of event.

    Great creative team specialized in innovative events and future of work that will help you co-create an event to your needs.

    Extensive network of companies, universities and technology centers with which you can develop partnerships and exchanges.

    Restaurant that offers gastronomic experiences and an agile catering service focused on the objectives of your event.

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