Meetings and workshops: 6 tips for choosing the right space

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Organizing meetings and workshops is an excellent way to create bonds between teams because it fosters creativity and promotes conflict resolution.

However, if we want to talk technically about everything involved in the organization of an event, we must move to the field of space experts, and as good connoisseurs of this subject, we will share our best tips to have everything under control, and have a great event!

What is most important when choosing a space?

The most important thing when choosing a space for meetings and workshops is the size of the room. Once you have defined the capacity of the space you can focus on other aspects that will complement the organization of your event.

Tips for choosing a space for meetings and workshops:


1. Choose a place with personality

Choose a location that fits the essence of your organization, with enough space to accommodate all participants. There are rooms created for specific purposes. Ask the local experts for advice and they will be able to offer you the best option from their catalog of spaces. If you have any questions you can ask our team.

2. Types of assemblies

A simple tip from the sales team can improve your outlook on the event. Trust them because they are the ones who are perfecting the experiences day by day. Ask them to show you the types of set-ups for similar events, and we’re sure they’ll clarify the whole picture for you.

A key point for the success of an event is to choose the type of set-up. The way you arrange the tables and chairs impacts the participant’s experience.

3. Check the weather forecast

If you prefer natural light, check the weather forecast so that nature doesn’t play a trick on you. On the other hand, if you choose artificial light, make sure that everything is in good condition and that nothing fails at the last minute.

4. Consider location and accessibility

Let us know if you need a central location or, rather, a place away from the noise of the city. Consider accessibility for people with physical disabilities or reduced mobility.

5. Connectivity is not negotiable

Check if the space has the necessary facilities, such as Wi-Fi, and if they are in good condition.

6. Audiovisual equipment and furniture

Ideally, the space should offer high-quality audiovisual equipment for presentations and projections, as well as adaptable furniture to facilitate interaction and the exchange of ideas.

We recommend two rooms at Valkiria Hub Space for meetings and workshops:


Inno Gallery

It is one of the ideal spaces for your presentations, meetings and workshops. The Inno Gallery is an inspiring space. We have preserved the original brick walls, which fit with large lamps to generate an industrial atmosphere in which ideas flow.

The 60 m2 room can seat up to 55 people and is equipped with a manual roll-up screen, projector and sound system. Due to its characteristics, it is perfect for presentations, workshops and business meetings in different formats.

meeting and workshop spaces in barcelona
Inno Gallery room of Valkiria Hub Space


Types of events possible in Inno Gallery:

– Conferences

– Networking

– Meetings

– Press conferences

– Seminars

– Team building



It is an intimate room where a large screen displays your ideas. This 48 m2 space combines the evocative fishbowl effect of its four glass walls with the intimacy provided by the fact that they are vinyl-covered.

The room is equipped with a projector and a large 75″ screen where the working group can see all the ideas of the session: a training, a team building or a creative meeting. Due to its characteristics, it is ideal for this type of small-format events, thus favoring the intimate atmosphere of the space.

spaces for events in barcelona
Valkiria Hub Space Co-Lab Room

Types of events possible in Co-Lab:

– Conferences

– Networking

– Meetings

– Seminars

– Team building


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