Interview with Gladys Cali, CEO of @InfinitEvent Experience

You will undoubtedly achieve a unique user experience. Next Thursday, March 10th, come and meet at Valkiria Hub Space to meet
Gladys Cali
founder of
@InfinitEvent Experience
and specialized in events and new technologies.

From @InfinitEvent Experience you are looking for users and customers to live experiences related to new technologies when they become attendees at an event. How do you manage to excite?
Thanks to technology, we can improve the experience of an event by creating better engagement among attendees, that is, the degree to which the consumer interacts with the brand. It’s all about building loyalty with your audience by maintaining a conversation of interest with them. It is even important to be able to measure the ROI of an event, the indicator that measures the return on the investment made after the event.

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What kind of memorable and innovative experiences do they live with your brand?
They experience them through our events related to new technologies. The next one we have prepared is the Tech Experience Conference, which will take place in Madrid on April 28th and we want attendees to live technological experiences. What we will do is that we leave them an Ipad through which they can consult the agenda of the event, see the rest of the attendees, interact with them and they can even send a question to the speaker of the event. In this procedure, the speaker answers questions at the end of his speech. In addition, the speaker becomes not only an active but also a passive part of the conference, since he himself can send a question to all the attendees, like a TV quiz show. This way, we create a lot more interaction and people have a lot more fun.

Considering that the way of working within an organization is changing, where are the companies and workers of the future going?
We are facing a technological revolution and in view of this paradigm shift many companies are conducting training for their employees in order to get them involved with new technologies. At the end of the day, what we want to achieve is a better world and to make life at work easier. We no longer send letters by post but use e-mail instead. Another example is that if we want to go see someone to meet, we had to take a flight. Now we have tools like Skype or FaceTime. We will adapt and improve our work processes.

What are the trends in event organization? The trend is to incorporate technology into events more and more. We are tired of always seeing the same thing and we don’t know a lot of interesting information about places where events are organized. We are having a hard time because there has to be a cultural change, but little by little, technology will become part of our DNA in order to offer a better experience to our attendees.

In the event you are going to organize at Valkiria Hub Space on events and new technologies on March 10, what will attendees learn?In this seventh edition of Infinit Event Community, which we organize every month in Barcelona, we want to create community. It is aimed at all those people who want to have fun, learn new things and knowledge, network, etc. We will explain different technology techniques that are being applied at the event level and we will prepare games to dynamize and make people interact.

Interview with Gladys Cali, CEO of @InfinitEvent Experience

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