How to Create an Experience Space

We were looking forward to seeing you and counting on you for the Event of the Year at Valkiria Hub Space. We are pleased to invite you to the First Marketing Experience Lab on the occasion of the Second Anniversary of this business platform.

We are looking for dynamic people, with great communication skills, strategic skills and knowledge for the management of their brands, digital marketing tools and organization of company events. If you don’t have a business vision, initiative and creativity, you may not be the Event Manager to come to visit us…

If we’ve got you thinking, think about this: are you sure you know all the creative possibilities that a 1,500 m2 space can offer you?

The day will become a spectacle of color.

During the morning, Valkiria Hub opens its doors to offer attendees activities and presentations related to the curious world of Experiential Marketing.

First thing in the morning, our restaurant Bistrot by Valkiria will offer you a delicious Coffee Break until the most influential speakers in the organization of events in Barcelona start their turn.

One of them,
Juan Pablo Sanchez
CEO of A Small Job, will talk about the Content Experience.

We all know that content is king and is here to stay. However, every self-respecting King in the history of mankind has needed a Kingdom, a space where the King expresses himself and relates. Spaces are the realms of content, those places where content in relation to space generates an experience that can be left to chance or deliberately optimized.

We want you to live a 360-degree spatial experience thanks to the light and color show that we have prepared in each of the rooms. The furniture, coming from different periods and cultures, will play a very important role in the distribution of the spaces and the decorative elements will show you the possibilities that rooms have.

Hub Space, Bistrot by Valkiria, the Auditorium Room, the Montessori Room and the Loft Room will be the nucleus where Great Synergies will be born.

The evening will lead to a glamorous Gala

It’s time for the First Welcome Cup to celebrate the second anniversary of Valkyrie Hub. You will be able to experience firsthand how the space has evolved, how the building has been transformed to the present day and see how great ideas can become reality.

Valkiria Hub Space dresses up for the party! You will meet fantastic people. It is a great opportunity to network and generate synergies in the most enthusiastic way possible. We will have gastronomic experiences and live music to end with a surprise performance for all attendees.

Mk Experience Lab

We welcome you to Valkyrie World. Another way of experiencing events

Large Events, 1 Single Space

The Marketing Experience Lab event space will be open to the public throughout the day. Activities from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and from 19:30 h. to 22:30 h.

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