At Valkiria Hub Space we are back and we want to see you again.

We haven’t stopped and we don’t plan to stop. Valkiria Hub Space has been working for you every day without rest to bring you new and improved experiences and today we want to tell you what it’s all about. At Valkiria Hub Space we are back and we want to see you again.

Some new developments

As you can see, we have redesigned our website thanks to a team of talented professionals and this is the result: a space where you can not only navigate in a simpler and more dynamic way, but you can also interact directly with our website. Valkyrie team and that is why we are convinced that our journey together resumes from this point. A new look to refresh us and bring us closer to our community.

But we don’t stop there. We have created Valkiria Social, a range of events that we hope to create hand in hand with our new partners from
Lemonade Social
Valkiria Social, a social network that has revolutionized the way we meet our friends, and offer you as many new and exciting experiences as possible.

Opening the space to the community with diverse activities, as well as providing new tools and services, has led us to adapt to the new challenges we face due to the situation the planet is living today.
tools and services to companies
The new challenges we face due to the situation that the planet is going through today have led us to adapt to the new challenges we face. That is why we have finished adapting the range of hybrid event services, leveraging technology in the service of the well-being of all. Unique experiences are lived through
disruptive events
This is Valkiria’s DNA.

That is why to officially welcome back all our friends, we want to tell you two new pieces of news:

Opening Bistrot

Nothing could be more pleasant than to meet again and enjoy a moment of gastronomic pleasure at Bistrot by Valkiria. We thought that, for you to live unique moments, nothing better than to innovate in our kitchen with culinary proposals that make you love more with us. So from June 10 we will open our doors again to welcome you with open arms – figuratively speaking. Stop by for a coffee, a fresh sandwich or any other craving you may have. Check our
menu of the day.

menu of the day bistrot Valkiria Hub


Welcome Concert

And since life is full of music, we thought there is nothing better than welcoming you back with a concert. So for our first Valkiria Social event, we will have Mozart & Band on June 18 at 17:40 at Valkiria to meet again and spend an unforgettable moment, full of creativity, talent and a couple of drinks and tapas.

Mozart & Band on June 18th at 17:40 at Valkiria


Thinking about your safety

For us it is essential that you not only feel safe, but that you are safe. This is why we have adopted all the official biosecurity measures that have been decreed as a protocol for events and social gathering spaces with reference to Coronavirus. We want to make you feel at home and that you can enjoy Valkiria’s spaces in the safest and calmest way. If you wish to consult the measures we have adopted, please consult our COVID protocol.


If you have any questions or would like to receive more information, please do not hesitate to contact us through any of our channels.


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