10 keys to choosing the ideal space for your event

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Finding a space for your event can sometimes mean days or weeks of stress. Choosing the ideal location requires a selection process in which the critical and strategic spirit of the organizing team must be present.

We have thought about it. Therefore, from our experience we have prepared a list of 10 aspects that you should take into account when choosing a space. We will be clear and concise, straight to the point: to create the perfect event and achieve the “wow” effect!


1. The location

Perhaps this is one of the most important points, and it will depend on what you are looking for. You can choose a place in the center of the city, one near the airport or a farm in the middle of nature.

None of the three mentioned above is a winner, but if you are thinking of making life easier for your attendees, it would be best to choose a well-connected location, with nearby transportation stations, parking areas and different shopping options around.

However, the final decision will be made based on your objectives and approach to the event.

2. Sustainable spaces

Organizing an event and taking care of every detail is important, but organizing an event, taking care of every detail and, in addition, making it sustainable has double merit.

If you are one of those who, when organizing an event, are also thinking about environmental and social factors, welcome to our team!

When choosing a space for your event, take into account that the company controls and reduces energy consumption, saves paper, reduces the use of plastic, treats waste efficiently, promotes recycling, has an eco-friendly culture and promotes it among its employees.

3. The capacity

Neither waste spaces that we will not use nor end up with the room on the verge of exploding. The capacity is given to be respected; therefore, when choosing a space for your event, stop to ask all the necessary questions about the capacity.

If you will have a small group of people, do not rent a room with capacity for large groups. Not only because you will waste your budget, but also because a large space with few people has no charm and the excitement is lost.

If, on the other hand, you are planning a large event, it would be ideal to leave a margin between the maximum number of guests and the capacity of the venue for possible last-minute RSVPs.

4. Annex rooms

Spaces adjacent or parallel to the main halls give you the opportunity to create an interesting tour during the event. Of course, the architecture and design of each adjoining room will be useful if and when you want to create different atmospheres.

To mention just one example, one of the main rooms at
Valkyrie Hub Space
is the
and around it we have several smaller rooms, such as the
Inno Gallery,
Co lab
and the
Inno Kube
These can be used perfectly to complement the actions of your event. The trick is to know how to combine.

5. Access at street level

Event venues in Barcelona with street access, with independent doors and considerable width are the best option. Not only because they make it easier to identify the place when the attendees have to arrive, but also because it allows you to have several opportunities if you want to create a magical and super creative entrance.

A street level access gives you the possibility to let your imagination run wild and to realize even the most unusual ideas and make them attractive. This way you captivate your attendees with every detail.

This may not seem like a very relevant aspect, but it is not. The assembly and disassembly of our event will be more efficient if we make sure that the space we want to rent has loading and unloading access to move everything we need to install.


6. Furniture

The furniture you should consider for your events is an important part of the whole organization process and, depending on what you choose, you will achieve that during the activity the attendees feel comfortable or not. Furniture can include folding chairs, sofas, round tables, rectangular tables, square tables, catering tables, cutting boards for food placement, chalkboards, etc.

The more options you have, the better results you will get. The furniture allows you to furnish the space according to your preferences and give your personal touch to the environment.

7. Own kitchen

This aspect is definitely an added value to the service. Not all event venues in Barcelona have their own kitchen or have a restaurant with good food, such as
Golden & Smith
by Valkyrie.

When choosing the space for your event, if you’ve considered catering services, you may want to consider
During the conference, it is important that you approve the quality of the food. It doesn’t hurt to do a taste test a few days before, so you can make sure everything is delicious.


8. The architecture of the site

Event venues can have different styles and the skill lies in knowing how to identify them. The choice of venue will depend on the style of the event you are planning. There are spaces with a vintage, modern, minimalist and other more disruptive spaces with urban decorations. There are places for all tastes.

The choice of one of them is subject to the characteristics of your event and what you are looking for.

9. Personalization of the space

Every detail of the event should be included in the contract, such as the freedom to set up according to your needs and preferences. If this clause is not subscribed, it will be very difficult for you to let your creativity run wild during the organization of your event.

10. Exclusivity

You should be aware that exclusivity comes at a price. If you are in charge of organizing a top event, you are probably looking for the best experience for your attendees.

It is possible that on the day of your event there may be other rented spaces where an activity is also taking place. If this is the case and you need 100% privacy, a good option is to communicate it and request exclusivity.

Finally, before you organize your event, get inspired, let your creativity have no limits, contact with experts
and, finally, enjoy the experience!

You can
write to us at
if you have any questions.


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