Barcelona consolidates its position as an epicenter for digital talent and tech events

Barcelona consolidates its position as an epicenter of digital talent and tech events. This week, Barcelona mobilized the entire tech community in unprecedented events attended by more than 7,000 people, the #BSC4TechSpirit was the contribution of the Barcelona Startup Congress.

Valkyrie Innovation
brought together key players for the city’s digital ecosystem on February 25. With a program focused on talent, opportunities, magic and humor, four panels of experts discussed the city as a Smart City destination, the Future of Work by 2030, humor and magic between investors and startups and finally, the present and future of collective intelligence. These types of events validate Barcelona as a digital and tech epicenter.

Parallel tech events

After the calcelation of the Mobile World Congress and 4YFN, the city mobilized in record time to organize an event (in this case multiple events) that had the capacity to bring together the largest number of people around technology, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Raimon Recoder, CEO of AMANO and Yolanda Triviño, CEO of Valkiria Innovation

Barcelona Startup Congress
an event created by AMANO, Valkiria Innovation and Ser Catalunya, will be held for the second time in December 2020 and for this purpose created the #BSC4TechSpirit day with the support of the startup sector of the city.

A value proposition for entrepreneurship

The first conversation of the day was led by Victor Costa, Director of Via Empresa, in which together with Cristina Castillo, Co-Founder of Reby, Rebeca Perez, CEO of Invertis and Nicolas Salame, CEO of Akiles, talked about Barcelona as a Smart City.

The challenges and opportunities facing the city in terms of investment, talent, business development and economic management to make an impact in this area.

In order to move forward with the other tables and conversations, it was necessary to fix a point: Are we ready for the future of work? To answer this question, Simon Dolan, President of the Global Future of Work Foundation shared his views, research and the emphasis to be placed on the individual and his or her values for work.

How companies should deal with the talent they have and the type of growth they want to have from the implementation of technology and the change in the way people live.

The relationship between entrepreneurship and humor and magic exists. This is why David Guapo, comedian and founding partner of GOI, took the microphone to talk to David Ruidor, CEO and co-founder of GOIN. They are a clear example that you don’t need to be a technological genius to invest in ideas and technological projects that provide solutions in different sectors.

Whether in fintech or developing software that helps high-volume transportation companies improve their productivity, building talented teams, trusting those who bring ideas that benefit the project and sharing their knowledge, successes and ideas with others, running a startup can be full of humor and magic to make them successful as well.

And if we think about the present and the future, we have to talk about a term that we still need to understand better: Collective Intelligence. It was the perfect opportunity to understand in real cases how this concept is carried out and how we are going to work in the future.

Under the moderation of María Ireland, Talent Management Consultant, Helena Torras, Managing Partner at Pacocapital and co-founder of WERock Capital, Arancha Ruiz, Headhunter and Talent and Personal Branding specialist, and Mariona Sanz, director of Girbau LAB, gathered on stage.

During the conversation, we talked about how we must lose the fear of Artificial Intelligence and machines to replace it with knowledge and look for a way of collaboration to be more efficient in our work and see technology as a working tool and not as a threat.

They also commented on the need to create teams that work transversally to the company’s projects and to have specialized talent to be more productive.

Events of this type are an opportunity to share, disseminate knowledge and strengthen the community around issues that benefit it. Barcelona is the epicenter of innovation in southern Europe and this generates the need to open spaces of this style for entrepreneurs.


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