“Because you’re worth it”, for the first time in Barcelona

Do you sometimes find yourself thinking that every day is just more of the same, with little incentive and too many difficulties? What is the difference between the business you thought of and the one you have today? Does this help you to be highly motivated?

Bringing out our true potential and best version is crucial in life, one of the biggest challenges for everyone. Josepe Garcia talks about the importance of unleashing our potential, believing in what we have inside, “bringing out the Ferrari” that we all have inside and that we are not aware of. We are underutilizing our resources.

We just have to understand that we carry within us everything we need to have a great life, full of success. That we have the necessary talent to achieve everything we set out to do and that we deserve this tribute more than anyone else. Taking care of oneself is the No. 1 criterion for improving all situations around us.

With the high impact workshop that Josepe brings us: “Porqué tú lo vales” for the first time in Barcelona. More than 2,000 people have already attended this workshop. This time, it does it by the hand of Valkiria, and has the sole purpose of giving you a tribute to yourself, a journey of self-discovery, to what you carry in essence, to discover and rediscover it and to feel that you are someone great.

Who is Josepe García?

Josepe is at the top of empowerment, and is considered a high impact communicator in Spain, training businessmen and entrepreneurs of the 21st century. It is the leading authority in Spain for people development professionals who want to be successful entrepreneurs. Creator of “Vivir del Coaching”, he has trained hundreds of students who today have very prosperous businesses.

So, we are talking about the most powerful empowerment workshop in Spain, which will help you to bring out the unlimited power within you and turn it into tangible results.

Why is it a great opportunity to attend the “Why You’re Worth It” workshop?

If you want to know how to find motivation even in the most complicated and problematic challenges… If you want to know how to treat people in a way that also brings out their full potential and energy, if you want to discover that you are an incredible achiever and that you have an abundance of talent that you didn’t even know about or if you want to go for your vital and professional projects with more confidence and enthusiasm than ever… you won’t regret living such an experience.

BECAUSE YOU ARE WORTH IT: The 5 keys to maximize your automation and energy and turn them into results NOW!

Give yourself the opportunity to learn a system to empower yourself to the maximum in your day to day life… Sign up HERE.

And as reading it is not the same as hearing it… here are the sensations and impressions left by the workshop “Why you are worth it” to some of the workshop attendees.

Still have doubts about attending this program? Pay yourself this tribute!

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