Valkiria & Cambra de Comerç Barcelona are committed to the successful development of your personal brand.

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How do I differentiate myself from other professionals? What do I offer to the labor market that only I can do? How do I transmit this talent to advance my career? How to put talent at the service of others?

At the Workshop ‘Do you know yourself well? Discover the potential of your personal brandled by
Carme Castro
CEO of
and one of our Ambassadors
We learned how to create and enhance your Personal Brand.

This is a day co-organized by the
Official Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona,

aimed at women businesswomen and entrepreneurs in the framework of the
PAEM (Women’s Entrepreneurial Support Program) 2017.
financed by the
European Social Fund
and by the
Institute for Women’s Affairs and Equal Opportunities of the Spanish Government

wwi women

Your stamp, your imprint and the best of you

The 40 participants who attended the session were able to identify and highlight their talents, as well as increase their confidence in communicating their talents. Who am I? What do I offer? to the labor market.

The Personal Brand is unique, authentic and differential because it is based on your behaviors, your values and the way you see the world. The more you know yourself and are aware of who you are, the more strengths you will bring to your Personal Brand”, she assures.
Carme Castro
. “It is vital to reflect on our capabilities and our limits,” says the coach.

If you want to know what your most intrinsic values are (ethical, emotional and economic), the
The Courage of Values Game
Simon Dolan
The Global future of Work Foundation
and one of our
is ideal to start your own process of self-knowledge. For more information

women entrepreneurs

How do you want to be known in the marketplace?

To create a solid Personal Brand, it is essential to identify and know how to recognize Talent (the fusion of knowledge, experience and skills), so that it is perceived in the labor market.

Once you have internalized what your differential talent is, the next step to advance in your professional career lies in knowing how to “communicate it and transmit it accurately, with credibility and confidence”.

wwi entrepreneurship

What is my visionWhat is my vision for the future?

Finally, the Personal Brand must be visible, so if you want to show your talent, what the expert recommends is to create a marketing plan according to your objective.
Carme Castro
is to create a marketing plan according to your objective. Ask yourself, where do you want to be in 3 years? and in 5 years?

At the Workshop we discovered…

How to IDENTIFY our Talent

wwi cambra

How to TRANSMIT our Talent

paem wwi

How to MAKE our Talent VISIBLE

wwi manual

Do you want to get a Manual Thinking Kit? Request more information about this creative tool in which organizations and companies are being inspired by the new process of thinking, creating and doing things differently. Manual Thinking helps to organize ideas and breaks down barriers. + Info:

To end the Workshop,
Carme Castro
She presented the Elevator Pitch exercise . Sound familiar?

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