The technology behind events and technology events

The evolution of events in the last decade has been driven by the adaptation of different technologies to provide a unique experience and facilitate the work of event production. However, 2020 served as an accelerator of different technologies that have remained forever in the MICE sector, increasing the level of competitiveness and professionalization of companies related to the world of events. So it is important to understand how the technology behind the events makes it possible to revive the sector.

Talking about technology does not necessarily imply the use of technologies whose access is usually limited by budgets or scope of the project, technology can manifest itself even in the simplicity of planning an event using a project management app, enabling the purchase of tickets on third-party platforms, the use of streaming as a way to extend the message to wider audiences, localized gamification, virtual reality, virtual scenarios, etc.

Technology designed for events

According to Hosteltur, the seven best technologies for the congress, convention and incentive tourism These include virtual reality applications that make it possible to visualize the scenography of events down to the last millimeter, new payment systems, analytical tools and instant translation services operated by artificial intelligence.

The use of these technologies, complemented with business reactivation strategies, is what Valkiria calls Smart Events. This is where talent, technology and expertise in experiences converge, creating new experiences that enhance the customer, supplier and attendee experience.

Virtual events

We have all normalized contact through screens in our lives and nowadays, this is one of the ways we have to keep visitors engaged. In controlled environments such as auditoriums and theaters, the experience has to be highly personalized to achieve experiential events in times of pandemic.

Therefore, today’s participants demand well-defined, clear and rigorous security measures in terms of compliance. They also demand technological tools to supplement social contact, either through virtual networking or streaming events.


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