Are your values valuable? Simon Dolan at Sant Jordi

One more year, we can enjoy one of the most special festivities that exist: the Diada de Sant Jordi, which coincides with the International Book Day, where culture and roses are the main protagonists and where we also want to raise the question: Do your values have value? Simon Dolan at Sant Jordi
To commemorate this holiday as it should be celebrated, we will do so with the help of what is considered to be one of the thinkers of the future: Prof. Dr. Dolan, President of the Simon Dolan Global Future Work Foundation.
Simon Dolan
President of
Global future of Work Foundation
(GFWF). Thanks to his prestigious academic and professional career focused on innovation in the management of people, leadership and values in organizations, he has been able to develop numerous scientific research and consultancies to companies and institutions around the world.
The main premise is that in order to achieve a sustainable world, society needs the emergence of new inspiring, visionary leaders with specialized competencies in managing people, who are increasingly trained and demanding. Simon Dolan will present and sign copies of the book: Leadership, Management and Coaching by Values‘. y ‘Values: the compass of people and organizations of the futureThese are about the essence of the role that values play in people’s lives, and more specifically, in the management and direction of companies. If you are a manager or simply interested in learning about the important role of values, this is the event for you!
In addition to the book signing, there will be the presentation of the famous game ‘.
The value of values
also devised by Simon Dolan. Would you like to identify and align your values in an environment conducive to reflection in the most fun way? The occasion, the place and the atmosphere will invite you to spend a pleasant evening of Sant Jordi, where you can also enjoy a cocktail and take a rose as a gift 🙂 You can participate in this magnificent evening at the Valkiria Innovation space on April 23rd from 16h to 20h. We look forward to seeing you on Saint George’s Day with Simon Dolan!
Authors Values: the compass of people and organizations of the future:
David Alonso, Bea Ballesteros, Beatriz Calvo, Carlos Gil, Pedro Frean, Guzmán Martínez Griñán, Alfredo Juliá, Viviane Gamero, Liliana Lucero, Encarna Medina, Laura Moncho, Anna Páez, Roberto Páez, Miguel Ángel Palensuela, Nacho Plans, Raquel Sánchez, Paola Valeri and Noelia Alonso.

Cristina Vidal Miñarro

Communications Officer at Valkiria Innovation


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