The year of rapid recovery for the events sector… But how?

As every year, Grupo Eventoplus presented its “Market Study 2022 Are you ready?” at InterContinental Madrid and The 19th Hole in Barcelona. This study is based on a sample of more than 500 professionals in the meetings and events industry, in order to understand the evolution of the industry throughout the year. Fortunately, everything points to a 27% growth in the MICE sector.

If we take a look back at what 2021 was like for our sector, circumstances made it a year of low activity, in which we tried to discreetly return to events. Moreover, with stagnant budgets. Therefore, the digital event was presented as a savior for companies, with 74% of respondents claiming to have done a lot of purely online events. However, by 2022, virtual events will be a useful complement, rather than an alternative.

The following are the key points of the Eventoplus Group’s market study.

Strong recovery: return to face-to-face events

By 2022, companies, agencies and suppliers are betting that face-to-face events will increase by 20% to 40%. Everyone expects the situation to take off in March. In terms of budgets, agencies and companies are aligned, pointing to a +33% recovery.

Most in-demand agencies: New challenges?

Currently, agencies, seen as more as organizers or coordinators, have extended their services further, adapting to new demands from companies. Thus, 62% of organizations confess to look for agencies that integrate events and digital. 56% say they are looking for 360º agencies with all integrated services. Finally, 44% are only looking for pure event agencies.

Therefore, in terms of services, digital and social media triumphs, as stated in the study: “the generation of content and presence in social networks is essential in the creativity, development and on-site coordination of the event”. Thus, 81% value digital and social media service; 72% look for groundbreaking creativity, with the aim of capturing the attention of a saturated audience and being memorable; and 65% value production.

Impact of online events: Need for human connection

The optimism and positivity with which 2022 is being faced stems from a need: direct contact. Respondents state that they lack connection with customers and distributors (67%), internal teams (55%), lacking team spirit and motivation, and the difficulty of creating new products and ideas (39%).

This survey reflects the fact that a business is made human by the need for trust, motivation and being part of something. In this way, although virtual events bring several benefits, such as the fact that everyone can attend (without transportation costs or health scares), they allow data collection or the generation of content that can be disseminated later on social networks. There are also a number of disadvantages that make it not a substitute for face-to-face events, but a complement. Among the cons are engagement, monetization and networking.

What events will be seen in 2022?

Both agencies and companies highlight four types of winning events for 2022: first, PR events and media visibility. Secondly, brand experiences (a difficult action to develop online). Next, internal conventions and meetings, with the aim of motivating the group and creating a company culture. Finally, training events, congresses and conferences, the most common in our sector.

Trend inherited from the pandemic: the Last Minute

This scourge in the events sector is here to stay. This trend will become “very much” more pronounced, according to 38% of suppliers. In addition, customers will enjoy advantages, as they will be able to order last minute with more flexible conditions and without much price inflation.

Despite the bad times the sector has been going through, all those involved in the events have been able to demonstrate their extreme adaptability. To analyze which of these trends or technologies best suits your needs and your events, contact us and from Valkiria Hub Space we will accompany you in designing a solution that best suits your brand.


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