Summer is here and we are launching the team building season!

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Although sometimes we can’t stand the heat, we must recognize that summer is one of the best seasons of the year, you have to accept it! At
Valkiria Hub Space
we have thought about it, that’s why today we are launching our team building season.

If you are one of those who prefer to live frozen all year long, don’t worry because we will give you more than ten reasons to love this season. If you are part of a work team or lead an organization, these ideas may be of interest to you.

What is team building?

According to one of the most popular definitions on the Internet,team building is a collective term for a set of activities that seek to build high-performance teams and improve interpersonal relationships within a group.

For us, team building must have a truly humanistic background and the purpose of generating positive changes in people. We talk about improving relationships between teams, but we also talk about how to bring out hidden talents thanks to the trust we generate during the sessions.

Team building is not only about having a good time and having fun. Its purpose goes beyond recreational purposes.


Benefits of team building:


Improved work environment

If for some reason there was tension at work, the dynamics will end up bringing a smile to many people’s faces.

Generates strong bonds among workers

Maybe you didn’t imagine it, but thanks to this kind of activities you can meet wonderful people who were in front of you and you didn’t realize it.

Reduces stress

Play is always a good alternative to generate laughter, relax and, consequently, reduce work stress.

Promotes problem solving

There are team building strategies specifically focused on promoting problem solving, creating imaginary scenarios and letting your imagination run wild, which drives decision making.

Refocusing corporate communication

These meetings will always leave a reflection in the work teams. The way you communicate is one of the fundamental aspects to empower your team.

Increases motivation

By focusing on the needs of the team we will be able to identify what needs to be improved. One of the purposes is to inspire and motivate your group.


What is the best team building for your company?

In the world of team building there are varieties for all tastes. We will find everything from gastronomic, creative, cultural, strategic, environmental, social, physical skills and even imaginary adventures in space.

Here are the team building proposals that we have in Valkiria Hub Space for this season.

1. Workshop art

The activity we propose you is the creation of an art piece that we are currently we are currently developing with the artist Daniel Berdala.

2. Domino effect

It simulates a real-life project as teams have limited time and resource constraints. Teams need to work together effectively in the design phase to create a realistic scope.

3. Haka team building

You will learn and put into practice the dance made fashionable by New Zealand’s world champion rugby team.

4. Solidarity bicycles

Armed with tools and lots of enthusiasm, with this solidarity team building, your team will build the most advanced human rocket known to date: a bicycle for a child. to date: a bicycle for a child.

5. Paella Competition

The journey begins with the search for ingredients, choose the most suitable for the objective you have in mind. Plan your strategy, distribute tasks and get ready to light the fire.

6. The compass of values

Collaborative experience aimed at aligning people’s core values with values as a team and as an organization.

7. Ecosophy

The starting point is the 2030 agenda, promoted by the European Union. The areas of development are circular economy, biodiversity and sustainable agriculture. Under this premise, work is done by solving a series of challenges in a creative way.

8. Terraforming

This teambuilding invites to the coexistence of two worlds, the participants will live experiences that will take them to another dimension of time, culture and society.

9. Masterchef Challenge

The idea is to carry out experiential challenges around the gastronomic culture of our country. With the possibility of adapting the menu to different areas.

10. Painting the future

This artistic team building activity is a fabulous way to work on values and corporate culture in a very creative and effective way, and to promote a great sense of belonging to the company.

11. Deactivate the pump

La Bomba is an original and different team building in which the challenges that are will bring out the best in the participants, who will have to show their collaborative spirit, creativity and ingenuity.

12. Batucada

Percussion shows us that, if we play with the same pulse, we are listening to each other and it is one of the oldest ways of working as a team.

13. Lab Scape

Escape Room promotes awareness of the physical and mental state needed to address situations of global systemic disruption – such as a pandemic or climate crisis – and how we can emerge more resilient, strengthened and empowered.

14. The city of the 10 enigmas

Game of clues through the city in which participants will discover curiosities and information about the space and culture.

15. DecoDestijos

Construction of decorative items for the home (Christmas themed) or work space, using sustainable materials, while introducing the group to mindfulness.

16. Possible mission

Counter or digital game in which, through the construction of 4 spaceships, the teams must face different situations that will “complicate” the challenge.

17. Solidarity challenge

This dynamic is designed around the collective construction of a material to be used for an NGO. Therefore, first of all, and after introducing and contextualizing the activity, participants will have to choose the colors of the most suitable fabrics for the group of visually impaired people.

18. Forest bath

Workshop in nature to establish an affective connection with it while reconnecting with ourselves.


Do you already have your favorite? Let us know in which of them you would like to participate..

See you in the next post!


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