Goodbye to masks at events

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For two long years we have hidden our smile. The contact with people could be summarized in the fact of meeting glances. Everything else -as the set of facial expressions facial expressions that give us the possibility of interpreting emotions we had to imagine it. However, it is time to regain freedom! Ehe Council of Ministers put an end to the use of face masks at events.

We can smile with freedom but, yes, with absolute responsibility and civic awareness, because we know that it is possible. We are part of the event industry and we understand how it works. We say “goodbye” to masks but welcome a set of actions to ensure the well-being of our community.

What does the standard say?

Now, the
Royal Decree 286-2022
published on April 19, modifies the mandatory use of masks during the health crisis caused by COVID-19.

What exactly does it say? Several things, but the most notable is that it gives the “green light” to remove the mask in enclosed spaces where conventions, presentations, congresses, festivals, events with shows, fairs, etc. are held.

In addition, it is important to mention that the Government takes stock of the current situation. “All the main epidemic monitoring indicators in force (…) are, according to the last report published on April 8, 2022, at a low risk level in most of the territory,” reads the decree.

In other words, the severity of the disease in Spain has decreased significantly between the period prior to vaccination and the period after vaccination.

Where will it be mandatory?

Come on, the situation has changed, but some exceptions will remain. Although there is freedom not to wear the mask, a responsible use is recommended due to the vulnerability of people who transit or stay for a prolonged period of time in enclosed spaces for public use.

Therefore, the use of masks is still mandatory in healthcare establishments because these are areas where there may be a higher concentration of vulnerable people. On the other hand, where the probability of transmission is higher. In the means of transportation, the obligation is also maintained.

Another important aspect is that the use of a mask is recommended in any situation where there is prolonged contact with other people at a distance of less than 1.5 meters and there are vulnerable people.

Good news!

It is not mandatory to wear a mask in the work environment. The teamwork days will recover the essence they always had and we will once again experience the complicity we missed so much.

The only exception is that, in order to avoid occupational hazards, according to the corresponding risk assessment of the workplace, companies may determine the appropriate preventive measures in certain areas of the workplace, including the possible use of face masks.

Secure events at Valkyrie

In Valkiria Hub Space we will maintain the same care as always, but with the only difference that the use of masks will be optional. In order to comply with safety measures, we will continue to rely on procedures that ensure the well-being of those attending our events.

We will maintain good sanitary conditions in all innovative and multifunctional rooms distributed in our two halls. Disinfection processes will continue, even if the pandemic is under control. We cannot lose the magic and stop the wow! effect in the events held in Valkiria’s spaces.
Valkiria spaces.

Communication with attendees and good capacity management will always be of vital importance.

See you at the next event to continue living unique experiences!



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