How to motivate your team to increase their performance?

Valkyrie Hub
we have the largest space for Teambuildings activities in Barcelona. More than 1,500 square meters become a place loaded with
emotions and sensations
where the attendee will enhance their leadership and values aligned with the organization.

This is a customized job for the client’s team(s). Teambuildings activities at Valkiria Hub accommodate groups of up to 100 people, one chef per group of 10 participants and one coach per activity. These are directed cooking activities in which values such as Creativity, Organization and Communication are worked on.

According to Fran Boronat,
Fran Boronat
Fran Boronat, a chef with more than 10 years of experience in cooking activities, “with Teambuildings we achieved a new, clearer and more powerful alignment of the team towards common objectives and a clear improvement in the work environment and commitment to the project”.

In which cases is it interesting to carry out this activity?
1) Teams working together for the first time or not physically working together for most of the year.

2) Teams with a clear “lack of energy” towards common objectives.

3) Teams that do not work because there have been leadership changes or organizational changes.

4) Family business teams in generational change or transition moments.

How is Teambuilding developed?
During the workshop, team dynamics (playful and at the same time very focused on the objective) will alternate with table work and sharing among people. A fundamental role is played by the use of space, as a metaphor for the team and the search for new perspectives for looking and acting.

These are 100% participatory activities that foster team integration, a sense of belonging and commitment to the organization.

Depending on the client’s interest, we can also work on different aspects such as:
1) Empower the team to manage change situations.

2) Improve leadership problems.

3) Allow the team to devalue the differences within the team and value them.

During 2015, over 30 Teambuildings activities were conducted at Valkiria Hub.

Will you join us?

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