Valkyrie at the eXperiential summit 2022

Last week we arrived in Madrid with a clear objective: to create powerful experiences that would remain etched in the memories of those attending the eXperiential summit 2022. And boy, did we do it! These were two intense days of strategic activities focused on finding the most innovative solutions for the events sector.

We arrived with a full agenda of activities and the first thing we did was to create a Valkyrie-style atmosphere. In other words, we wanted to reflect the values that identify us as a brand.

Thus, thanks to the joint work with our technology partners, such as
Rental SP
and with the support of
We, the geniuses in creativity and gamification, recreated at the eXperiential summit in Madrid exactly what you can experience in our studio, based in the innovation district 22@, Barcelona. Led by our CEO
and the director of Valkiria Hub Space, Lissette Cruz.

Virtual escape room

We started the day with a dynamic that invited our community to immerse themselves in the digital world to get to know the facilities of Valkiria Hub Space. For this, we designed a room game with our mini virtual escape room, in collaboration with Marinva.

We create a unique environment where we combine creativity and gamification, because in Valkiria we have understood that if we apply the game to the activities that need attention, the results are more efficient.

We bring The Studio to eXs!

We interact with our
and show all its existing possibilities to immerse ourselves in virtual multipurpose spaces. Of course, we carry out this activity by applying the technology of our latest product The Studio by Valkiria.

We show the alternatives to create powerful interactive experiencesduring the generation of video content. Because, in case you haven’t heard yet, we have created a different way of making videos, integrating state-of-the-art technology. You will be amazed!

We were very excited to present The Studio at the eXperiential summit. At the same time, demonstrate everything that can be achieved with our proposal, such as creating live videos and directing the experience of attendees to a digital environment, controlling their focus at all times, using augmented reality techniques, gamification, live chats via Telegram and other options that enhance your content.

“Possible Mission”.

At this point in the day, we createan imaginary environment, where we again use play as a means of communication. We imagined that we were in the future and that the earth was no longer a planet suitable for human life. Then, the assistants, formed in teams, were responsible for building a ship whose purpose was to find a habitable place in space. Let the adventure begin!

Iolanda Triviño and Esther Hierro of Marinva led this challenge aimed at “saving humanity”. Were the participants able to manage this project with limited time and resources? Find out about it in the live broadcast we saved in

“Possible Mission” is a didactic game that, thanks to gamification, companies can reinforce the soft skills of their work teams with a non-traditional, innovative, creative and efficient method.

Practical introduction to Agile Thinking

We decided to innovate and be even more disruptive than ever. IolandaTriviño, gave a workshop that allowed to understand the agile thinking approach, aimed at the MICE sector in order to innovate in the way of designing events, congresses, meetings and creative gatherings.

We were in the Metricool ranking!

Thanks to our communication team, we were on the list of the accounts that tweeted the most during the two days of the event. As a result, we appeared in the top 10 of the brands whose tweets received the most interactions and we ranked third among the accounts with the most activity on Twitter. Congratulations!

We could not be more grateful to you for having traveled together to an experiential world, full of creativity and talent. See you again at the 2023 edition of the eXperiential summit!



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