Uncertainty, the biggest opportunity for the MICE sector in 2022

The lead-up to 2022, while hopeful for the global economy, is fraught with uncertainties and concerns in the wake of the Omicron variant. Once again, the industry faces the challenge of overcoming these limits through the use of technology and the ability to reinvent itself.

The great discovery of these years marked by the pandemic is the fact that these uncertainties are seen as great opportunities for the sector. As the saying goes, “if you can’t beat the enemy, join him,” a saying that perfectly describes the situation faced by the events industry. In this way, the pressure that indecision puts us under forces us to reinvent ourselves and look for new opportunities to exploit.

Emotion and technology: new trends

The key elements in this issue can be classified according to two trends that have taken over the MICE sector: the humanization of companies and technology.

As for the humanization of companies, this trend arises as a consequence of the pandemic, which has forced companies to create messages from a much more emotional side, in order to foster a sense of belonging among employees and especially among consumers. In addition, this trend has been presented as an opportunity to strengthen the customer-brand bond. In this way, companies tend to put people at the center of business, as they are the ones who build and connect with the brand or event.

This trend has also given rise to other trends that are closely related to the humanization of brands, such as the growing trend towards sustainability, safety, diversity, equality and inclusion. In short, all from a perspective of preserving the planet and with a social purpose.

In terms of technology, we can also refer to this trend as the virtual experience economy, as we allude to the fact that we live in a new “hybrid world”, in which a new “hybrid public” is also born to understand and satisfy. Therefore, all the technologies that help to have a better virtual experience come into play, such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) or artificial intelligence, among other technologies discussed in past blog posts.

Adapting to change: the key to success

These two general lines of current trends lead to a large number of opportunities that can be grouped under the umbrella of events.

  • Creation of experiences

It is essential to bring together all current trends and technologies to try to get the most out of them through the creation of experiences. This means multiple benefits for events, such as; The greater emotional involvement of attendees, getting a positive interaction with the creators of the event or the brand in question, which is much more memorable than the events of the competition or that the customer feels that it is a personalized and unique experience. Thus, if we manage to create a lasting, innovative event with the ability to create experiences, the emotional bond that is generated will be difficult to break.

  • Professional profiles

It is not only important to have the latest technology and technical resources, because if that is all we have and we do not invest money and time in updating human resources, we will not be able to make the experience more dynamic.

In this way, the omnipresence of technology is a fact that has completely changed the life of human beings and the world, making it possible to overcome limits and work more efficiently. Even taking into account the speed that prevails today to adapt to changes, companies must understand the times and give their team room to adapt to new technologies, in addition to providing them with good training.

Another important aspect is the new professional profiles that emerge after their training. Today, after the technological change that has implemented the pandemic, the most demanded profiles will be those with studies and skills in the area of digitalization, such as specialists in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence or Cybersecurity.
profiles most in demand
will be those with studies and skills in the area of digitalization, such as specialists in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence or Cybersecurity.

It is also worth mentioning the role of the sponsors, an essential figure to help economically in the cost of the events and, in addition, to offer an added value, since they contribute their prestige or image to the event, benefiting both in the exchange of values. Thus, if we do not keep up to date with the adaptation to technology with all the training that this entails, we will not be adapting to these new business models and we will not be able to attract new sponsors.

  • Versatility of spaces

Another opportunity to be taken into account, given the uncertain and changing context in which we live, is the polyvalence of spaces. This means adapting the spaces so that they can be put to different uses. At this point, creativity and imagination play a fundamental role in order to adapt different sites that, at the beginning, had been conceived to have a single function, such as cinemas or theaters.

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