Welcome to Valkyrie Afterwork!

Imagine that after a long day at work your colleagues invite you for a few beers to chat and unwind. Imagine now that this colleague is Valkyrie Hub Space. This year we start with all the energy, a new project, an unparalleled meeting between friends of the MICE sector in Barcelona. Today we are sharing with you our post-work chats where, frankly, we usually come up with the best ideas. During these sessions we will debate, reflect and learn about everything that is moving in the field of events. Of course, always from the comfort of having a good beer, and in good company. So we want to say to you with all our excitement Welcome to Valkyrie Afterwork!

But what is Valkyrie Afterwork?

Behind any experience there is a great deal of preparation work that requires meticulous care. In the world of events, chance is rarely present, and the main reason is due to a very wide network of people who focus their day-to-day work on meeting every challenge they face: creatives, communicators, technicians, etc. Thanks to them, and above all to their knowledge, any company can enjoy a service of quality, authenticity, and at the height of its expectations. Even so, the daily work of these professionals tends to be always in the background, and it is precisely to give them a voice and bring a new vision to the conception of events that Afterwork was born.

Our objective

Afterwork is not just any project, it is a transmedia media for all those who work in the MICE sector in the city of Barcelona. Through him, at Valkiria Hub Space we establish a network of contact and information with the MICE community to show them beyond the results they are used to. We want you to learn and get to know us, but above all, we want you to enjoy, as we do, what it means to be part of the process of creating unique experiences.

To begin with, Valkiria Afterwork offers you the chance to keep up to date on trends, tips and news in the events sector. Moreover, it does so hand in hand with those who are dedicated to it. For the first time, Valkiria Hub Space will give voice to those creative minds that make the impossible possible. We will chat with them, debate and reflect, but above all, we will learn and you will learn.

On the other hand, it is also an invitation to be part of our daily lives, beyond the office. We make a place for you at our usual table in the bar so that you can be one more among us.

So now you know, if you want to be part of Afterwork do not hesitate to follow us on our social networks, keep an eye on our Youtube channel, and stop by our website from time to time to have a beer with us.



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