A 3D experiential tour of our spaces

Undoubtedly, formats when it comes to producing content are reinventing themselves at the speed of light and we have to adapt to new ways of making an impact. While it is true, it is already very difficult to find the fine line that separates the physical and digital worlds. Today, we demand unique and consistent experiences anywhere, from any device, at any time. We demand a personalized, dynamic and multichannel communication, so we want to take you on a 3D experiential tour of our spaces.

For this reason, we must innovate and, above all, know how to provide a unique ‘content experience’.

We want to present a new way to visit our space Valkiria Hub Events . And we do it through a transformative tool that allows us to witness live our facilities. You will feel that you are there and that you can access even the most hidden corners of our Hub…


¿Como lo hemos hecho?

We have created together with the company Vivir 3D the 3D tool to visualize our spaces of Valkiria Hub Events, soon we will also have available the Tech Talent Hub (our new space) so you can visualize it with this tool.

It is much more than a virtual tour as it allows you to have advantages such as the 3D Dollhouse view for a global view of the spaces, the guided tour and the possibility of embedding videos, photos or links to book the spaces directly online.

These applications are part of the future of the work environment. In its most physical and functional form, it is about transforming the “workplace” into the best “place to work” where you are inspired to create and innovate.

¿Por qué hemos elegido esta herramienta?

Through this experiential journey, we will align expectations with those of customers and help us eliminate the need to physically visit the space in person before making a booking decision (extend the possibility of booking to a foreign clientele).

In turn, we will be able to empower event planners to discover the perfect venue by giving them a complete understanding of your space. We will save time and money by giving customers a real sense of the place, directly from their computer or mobile device. We will also provide event planners with total confidence that our space is the best alternative.

We will ensure that expectations meet reality by delivering the most accurate and immersive virtual experience in our space.


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