Christmas in Barcelona: Discover the best Christmas events

December is here and, with it, an endless number of Christmas of Christmas events and activities very special. Throughout this month and January, with dates as unique as Christmas, New Year’s Eve or the Three Wise Men, there is a very unique and warm atmosphere, in which spending time with your family or loved ones is a very special experience. essential to share and celebrate.

So, this Christmas is also presented as a peculiar Christmas. peculiargiven the situation caused by the Covid-19 and, although we must be prudent and cautious with sanitary measures, the hope of celebrating and reuniting with the family continues, the illusion of celebrating with normality persists in people. However, once again, Christmas will have to be adapted to the current situation, always respecting the health measures to curb the virus.

Christmas activities in Barcelona: Discover the tradition

So, it’s time to look back at some of the most special most special events in our in our city, BarcelonaBarcelona, which is not far behind and presents very special plans and activities to spend with your family, as a couple or even alone.

This activity takes place at the Sant Pau Art Nouveau SiteThe landscape is transformed at Christmas time into a fairytale-like landscape. Consists of a 1.5 km long long with different points of light that illuminate the streets of the largest modernist building in the world.

Christmas 2020 Barcelona by Timeout

This year the traditional Nativity Scene of Barcelona, built by the Association of Nativity Scenes of the city, will be held in the courtyard of the Frederic Marès Museum. The theme around which the nativity scene will revolve will be the union between Roman and modern Barcelona.

In this way, the performances will take place among the Roman ruins of Barcelona, paying homage to Lucino Minicio Natal QuadronioHe was a Roman patrician who played an important role in the political and social life of Barcino, as well as being the first Olympic champion of Barcelona, according to some testimonies.

This event in the form of tradition consists of the meeting in the same place, the Avenida de la Catedral in the Gothic Quarter in front of the Cathedral, of 170 170 stalls where stores dedicated to greenery, handicrafts or Christmas decorations, among other traditional Christmas elements, are mixed.

An excellent option to learn more about the Christmas customs and traditions of the city and the country is to take this private tour of the Gothic Quarter. Gothic Quarter conducted by a guide. During the tour you can discover the Santa Llúcia Fair, climb to the roof of the Cathedral, visit the Port Vell Christmas Fair and the Artisan Food Market, among other spectacular places. So you can meet several of the activities carried out in Barcelona in Barcelona in a single event in the form of a tour.

For the third year in a row, the Moll de la Fusta the Moll de la Fusta the Christmas season, transforming the promenade into a journey of lights. Thus, this area of the city, under the slogan of “.Nadal a bon port“is dressed up with a large installation of lights leds and a giant Christmas ball. In addition to this light show, there are also different musical performances by schools, a 65-meter Ferris wheel, a traditional merry-go-round, Christmas markets, among other activities and elements.

Worldwide Christmas events: Magical combination of lights and music

Having reviewed some of the most Christmas festivals in our city, it is worth noting that these special dates have the magic to create and inspire new events. create and inspire new eventsThe Christmas markets and company dinners are highly anticipated events throughout the year. Therefore, below Valkyrie will make a brief review of the best Christmas festivals around the world.

  • Christmas lights at the Botanical Garden of Madrid: Nature on Fire

Another Christmas festival that has become very important in our country is the Christmas Lights at the Botanical Garden
Christmas Lights of the Botanical Garden
of Madrid: Nature lit up. Event that returns with its third edition this 2021. In this way, it is surprising how much importance he has achieved at a young age.

Thus, the festival consists, as its name indicates, in the lighting of lights of the vegetation in that area of Madrid. This simple idea has attracted thousands of tourists and residents in recent years, since its inception.

Naturaleza Encendida en Jardín Botánico de Madrid, dates and schedules (2021) by Guías Viajar.
  • Winter Wonderland – Hyde Park, London

This famous festival located in Hyde Park Hyde Park, called Winter Wonderland, is the largest Christmas fair in London and one of the most anticipated events of Christmas in London.

It is an ideal place to awaken your senses and to spend a magical time, whether you go with children or as a couple. It is an ephemeral fair and amusement park that brings together in the same space: a skating rinka roller coastera christmas marketa small circusa ice sculpture gardena panoramic Ferris wheelas well as many references to the land of Santa Claus and pile of ice everywhere.

This great festival opens its doors from November 19 from November 19, 2021 to January 3, 2022 and la entrance to the site is free of chargebut due to the pandemic, this year it will be necessary to
tickets in advance. In this same reservation it is also necessary to specify which shows will be attended. In addition, they also allow you to reserve a table at the restaurants and bars located within the grounds.

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland (2021-2022) by Rove.
  • The Lights of Christmas – Washington, United States

This festival takes place in the Warm Beach Camp in Stanwood, Washington and consists of a driving tour for all families to enjoy and see spectacular lights, dazzling displays and greet Santa and Mrs. Claus, while listening to Christmas music, all from the comfort of the car itself. Thus, this experience is guaranteed fun for people of all ages. There is also the option to enjoy the space on foot and with the possibility of attending different shows, enjoying different Christmas food stalls.

A curious fact to highlight is the fact that
The Lights of Christmas
offers evening events called “Pay What You Can.”The guests who have not been able to pay the regular entrance fees, since they are paid, pay whatever price they can. This is their way of embodying the Christmas spirit.

Washington, DC, Area Christmas Light Displays (2020) by Trpsavvy.
  • The Grotto’s Christmas Festival of Lights – Portland, Oregon

Lights are the protagonists in this Christmas season and this is reflected in all the most famous festivals in the world. In this case
The Grotto’s Christmas Festival Lights
held November 23 through December 30, presents the sights, sounds and sensations of the season.the sights, sounds and sensations of the season.The festival, with more than two million lights, is the largest Christmas choral festival in the world, with more than 190 concerts. As with the other festivals, tickets must be reserved due to sanitary measures due to Covid-19.

These Are the Country’s Most Breathtaking Christmas Light (2021) by Pinterest.
  • Natal Luz – Gramado, Brazil

typical festival
in Gramado, Brazil, has its origins in the year year 1986 by the Organizing Committee of the Hydrangea Festival proposed to hold a Christmas event of these characteristics. The event consists of a walk along the main avenue of the city, in which a walk is accompanied by musical performances, in which traditional carols are sung and Christmas music is played. In this way, the public is offered a wide variety of shows, accompanied by Christmas decorations.

Natal Luz by Mazza Turismo

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