Collective Intelligence towards the talent and organizations of the future

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Collective Intelligence will shape the organizations of the future and define talent roles. Every aspect of our lives is permeated by technology: communications, entertainment, work tools and even in leisure spaces we are connected to digital life.

The adaptation of workspaces to technology leads us to evolve the techniques we use to develop our tasks, create new dynamics and understand our work as a permanent state of change. However, a question has arisen in the last decade that we have not yet been able to resolve completely: will the day come when machines will be so powerful and intelligent that they will be able to do my job and displace me?

The Event

Over the past five years,
and the Global Future of Work Foundation have been working to address multiple concerns that the labor context is putting in the way. This year, in partnership with Esade, they set out to raise the stakes and thus consolidate the sixth edition of the WWi Summit – World Work Innovation – 2020 Collective Intelligence: Towards the talent and organizations of the future.

CISummit 2020

For Maria Ireland, Director of International Development and Innovation of ValkyrieThis edition of WWI Summit Collective Intelligence dares to debate between competition and collaboration of people with Intelligent Machines and how this interaction is already creating new cultures, new work models and innovative and cooperative ways of working”.

If we are going to work with intelligent machines, let it be based on cooperation, which is why we need to talk about Collective Intelligence is key to analyzing the new scenarios for talent, what the leadership of the future will be like, what kind of intelligent machines will collaborate with us and what the integration between humans and robots will be like. Collective Intelligence in the organizations of the future is the fundamental axis of work and team strategies in companies.

Attendees will have the opportunity March 26th and 27th to live an in-depth experience with these topics and acquire the necessary knowledge to apply it to their personal lives and, furthermore, to impact change in their organizations in order to be more competitive and better prepared.

“It is important to explore the issue of trust, especially trust in Artificial Intelligence. This technology will become a fundamental part of our lives and we need to find ways to engage with it in the most responsible way,” he argues Marisa TschoopSenior Researcher at Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals SCIP Switzerland and Women in A.I. Ambassador.

It is not easy to assemble a panel of experts and entrepreneurs so well prepared in Collective Intelligence. But Barcelona has all the characteristics to make this meeting possible: its strategic location in the Mediterranean, the proliferation of emerging companies that consolidates it as the third hub of talent attraction at European level and the fifth in the creation of companies in the technology sector.

Valkyrie in its commitment to innovation, talent and the future of organizations, sees in this trend a factor of vital importance for the city to continue to position itself as an epicenter of trend generation and, in this way, to have the tools to understand the changes facing our world of work.

For this reason, he also proposes a spin-off within Summit 2020: the #CISummit2020 Startup Contest. An event that takes place through LinkedIn, where Startups can showcase to a select community their efforts to integrate collective intelligence models into their business projects.

It is an open call to all startups that, by uploading a video of 90 seconds maximum, participate for the opportunity of a space to present their elevator pitch on March 26 at Esade in front of the nearly 300 Summit attendees, among which are high-level entrepreneurs, academics and organizations at national and international level.

At the end of the day, attendees will vote for the winning startup that will also participate in the Barcelona Startup Congress, an event organized by Valkiria, the digital communications agency AMANO and Ser Catalunya of Grupo Prisa.

Initiatives of this profile provide a great fabric of knowledge for the city, its companies, talent and the development of competitiveness.

For more information on Summit 2020 Collective Intelligence, go to

To buy your tickets, click here. Don’t miss this opportunity to answer tomorrow’s questions today.

If you are a startup and want to participate, register your initiative here and to participate, enter the LinkedIn group and upload your video. If you want, you can invite your contacts to join the conversation.


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