The return of the events is Valkyrie’s wish.

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The MICE sector has had only one wish for more than six months, the return of events is Valkyrie’ s wish as well. Being aware of the importance of economic reactivation and the safety of all people, we have spent months creating strategies, solutions and products that bring value to companies and all MICE partners who with all the solidarity have joined different initiatives to not let fall one of the economic sectors that attracts more benefits for the city of Barcelona.

#Let’s Make Events is the initiative created by Alerta Roja in whose manifesto sets out 14 demands to the public administration to save the sector and reactivate the economy that generates approximately 700,000 jobs and represents 3.8% of the Spanish GDP.

A fair claim

It is time for the entire industry to unite. This initiative comes from organizers of cultural events, but in the end we are all dedicated to events. These move our lives, creativity, the economy, and are transversal to the activity of a city that does not stop like Barcelona. We see how there is a reactivation plan and support for all sectors except ours, and this is where we say that we are here, that we are part of the solution and it is time to be heard.


we do events Barcelona 17 September

Although our target is not necessarily B2C, it is clear that the B2B management we perform has a direct impact on people’s experiences, because it is people who organize and enjoy each of the events we create. Now we raise our voice to demand the return of the events, if you sit down with all the companies in the sector, you will see that there are proposals, ideas and all the solutions so that the culture is safe and the companies return to organize events that have a positive impact on the lives of those who attend.

This gives us life, it is our raison d’être. This September 17, the MICE sector will unite in unison to shout “Bring back the events”. That is Valkyrie’s wish.


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