Make the most of a virtual event

All companies have struggled during this 2020 with the abrupt changes that the economic climate has put in front of them. It is normal -within the new normal- to look for new methodologies and ways to adapt markets. Make the most of your virtual event with the recommendations we share with you today.

Exit the traditional virtual scheme

Every organization is different, so you can’t expect every virtual event to be successful if you apply the same formula as everyone else just because it’s trendy or because it’s working perfectly for someone else. If you keep in mind that every event is an opportunity to sell or position your brand, it must be in line with the marketing objectives you have in mind.

Hybrid events in Barcelona Valkiria Hub Space

If we told you that if you searched for Webinar 2020 Spain you would get more than 14,600,000 results, would you believe us? Give it a try -once you finish reading this-.

2020 has been the year of forced evolution for companies. In this way, those who are investing in the realization of events are the ones who are calling the shots in terms of market impact. The technological tools used are increasingly versatile and within the reach of all budgets. So if you make a virtual event, go outside the schema not only with the content, but with the container. That’s where you can bring #SingularExperiences to your target audiences. In Valkiria we are committed to the customization of digital and hybrid events, understanding that companies (ALL) need to adapt their communication strategy, dissemination, positioning and sales at this time.

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Choose the time and your audience with care

If you are familiar with the phrase “he who grasps too much, grasps too little”, it is because in this case it applies perfectly. If you are one of those who consider that events are not just an excuse to have a mini party and you are clear that events are necessary as part of your operation and validity within your market, you will know how important it is to reach the right people at the right time.

Valkiria IFF state-of-the-art technology

Regardless of the platform or the capacity, it is essential that you are clear about the ROI of the event. Keep in mind that the objectives set for the realization of your event must be measured and must go hand in hand with your corporate projection.

Technology is your best ally

There are now so many tools for digital events that it is difficult to choose. The truth is that in Valkyrie We understand this because we have ensured, over time, to have allies in the technological and audiovisual sector that advise us and help us not only to produce our own events, but to give the best guidance to those who need our help to make the events they have in mind.

But technology is not the end, it is the means – and Valkyrie is the channel. But beyond that, if among your corporate investments you have planned a digital or hybrid event, always take advice so that the budget you have is destined to offer the best experience using the most appropriate technology.

Hybrid events as a response to the global reality

We never tire of repeating it: Valkiria is a space created to offer Singular Experiences and for that reason, in two industrial buildings of 1,200 and 1,500 square meters, we get creative. But great creativity goes hand in hand with great responsibility – or how is it?


Human contact is essential. Beyond a screen, having the possibility of designing specific spaces for the realization of an event mediated by technology is something that Valkiria has been working on hand in hand with professionals with long experience in the market. Imagine a chroma key, cameras on a recording set. Imagine virtual reality at the reach of your customers and con holders, imagine beyond what you can think and there we are.

You don’t need to juggle to reach people in a professional and thoughtful way. To take advantage of your virtual events you need to be clear about what you want and how you want it, the rest is a matter of leaving it in professional hands and you will see how those goals that the company has are fulfilled through the work of multidisciplinary and highly qualified teams.

Make the most of a virtual event with these recommendations and who better to explain it than Alexander Arnal, CEO of Valkiria.


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