Hybrid events in Barcelona are here to stay

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Hybrid events are an effective solution in Barcelona, taking a step forward in innovation and providing solutions for companies and the community.

The Mice sector has faced one of the biggest challenges of the last decade in 2020. Adapting the ways in which we relate and interact with others in our social and work life is no longer an option but an obligation due to global circumstances. Physical barriers are becoming increasingly blurred thanks to the contribution of online connectivity, whose platforms offer multiple options for human interaction, exchange of ideas and socialization.

Valkiria Hubspace
has taken advantage of the isolation and confinement time to come up with solutions to make the realization of events more and more effective and far-reaching, always thinking about the health and well-being of the entire community. This is how the use of the term “Hybrid Events” has been promoted, which although it is not a new concept, it fits like a glove considering that it has forever changed the paradigm of socialization in all environments.

What are Hybrid Events?

These are events that take place in a physical space, which attendees can attend in person and virtually. The support of technology is of vital importance in these spaces, since it broadens the spectrum of visibility of the event and facilitates new interactivity tools.

Conferences, concerts, presentations, shows and any type of event can be adapted to this modality and always reach the desired audience with innovative and attractive proposals.

Digital tools such as webinars, streams, or online trainings can be integrated to this type of events, although they are not necessarily hybrid events by themselves. If the audience is purely online, then this is a virtual event.

Valkyrie’s proposal

Hybrid event at Valkiria

For more than eight years, Valkiria Hubspace has been characterized not only by its multipurpose facilities, but also by the quality of its team and its experience in offering unique, unforgettable and value-added experiences. And it does not stop innovating, if the community grows, Valkiria wants to be part of that process, helping to strengthen the ties of companies with their audiences, new approaches to events and new audiences so that they know it is like home.

Thanks to Valkyrie’s enormous capacity for adaptation, it is imperative to think not only of the day-to-day context, but also of people’s needs and desires. This is why hybrid events in Barcelona are now a solution for all sectors, especially for the MICE sector.

Valkiria bases its workforce, innovation, talent and connectivity on the following pillars:

  • People: The Valkiria Hubspace team has been dedicated for years to creating unparalleled experiences with the best partners and experts in the industry. But it is also a group of people whose talents are focused on making events successful by adding value to the people they are aimed at.
  • Technology: Adapt technology to experiences to provide much more efficient solutions with the ability to cross borders at the click of a button. Through hybrid events, digital events and the ability to project events globally through streaming, it is possible to model events by adding all the necessary solutions to enhance the benefit.
  • The space: Two warehouses in the 22@ district of Barcelona are the city’s reference points. Valkiria IFF – Institute For Futures and Valkiria Hub Space, innovative places that stand out for their ability to adapt to all the needs of an event for those who think differently.

valkiria valkiria hybrid event barcelona digital

Budget-friendly solutions

When you think about the technological deployment or the use of tools to make a hybrid event, a secure streaming transmission, create a virtual set or any other requirement you consider to make an event, you could fall into the interpretation that you need astronomical budgets to achieve it. But nothing could be further from the truth: if you think about the ROI of a hybrid event, you look for ways to maximize the investment according to the possibility of reaching a wider audience and without the need to repeat the same event in multiple venues with the same content.



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