Valkyrie reinvents itself during the quarantine period

For Valkyrie, this is the most unusual time since it opened its doors, yet it reinvents itself during the quarantine. It had to close them temporarily to comply with sanitary measures and to comply with the quarantine decreed in Spain to mitigate the impact on people’s health. But as the Valkiria Team is restless and very active, it is working from home with full energy and enthusiasm, waiting for the crisis to pass and everything to return to normal to share with everyone its renovation and new air.

A new Valkyrie

Valkiria’s philosophy has always been one of creativity, teamwork and innovation. It is not in vain that it is one of the reference places to live the best experiences in El Publenou and in general in Barcelona, and companies have been counting for years with the support of a team willing to go to the moon in order to generate the best impact on the minds of those who pass through there.

This is why, looking at the glass half full, it is the perfect time to do what was planned some time ago: to reinvent and renew Valkyrie. Between the day-to-day rush, events, and team responsibilities, sometimes it is not so easy to take a break from planning, proposing and executing. Well, the time has come, this is the opportunity to do all this for the welfare of our customers and the community.

Work from home

Perhaps the strangest thing of all. We are not always prepared to do work at home because every day we are in physical contact with our customers, co-workers, friends, visitors, industry employees. We love to welcome you all to Valkiria, it is our home and your personality speaks for itself.

However, we are now adapting to working from home, as we have been able tohe wellbeing of all of us depends on self-care, so that we can also take care of others to overcome this bad moment we are going through. But not to be so used to it, we already feel that we have mastered teleworking at a master level, maybe because we have been learning about the new work trends thanks to Yolanda Triviño and all her contributions on the subject.

So we want to share with you some tips that can help you at this time with your chores at home and combine them with work.

1. Get into a routine every day


Working at home is not the same as waking up to go to work. However, you may be able to get up at a certain time, have a coffee, have breakfast either alone, with your partner or your family. This will help keep you from falling into the procastination loop.

2. Do not work in pajamas


It may sound like a no-brainer and although it sounds tempting and very comfortable, it is not the best idea to start a work day with energy. Separate your sleeping clothes from your home clothes comfortably, you don’t need to wear a tie, put on makeup, or put on your best suit to open your computer at home.

3. Get out of your room


How wonderful to be in bed, warm and with the computer on top of you while you check emails and answer your work issues. It may seem like a great idea on the first day, but trust us, it won’t seem like such a great idea on the third day. Go out to the dining room, living room, study or balcony if necessary, this will help you to be less distracted, yawn less and work more smoothly and comfortably.

4. If you are going to work, work. Don’t do housework


It is preferable that you make intervals between working hours and housework, but try not to mix them. Spend an hour answering emails and another hour doing laundry, cooking meals, taking care of the kids, walking the dog or whatever you need to do. It is important to set a time for everything, this will help you not to overwork and to concentrate better.

5. Exercise


We already know that going to the gym, going for a run or riding a bike in the street is not an option. However, it is good for you to maintain mobility and even more so if you normally exercise. put totorals on YouTube, there are of all types, tastes, intensities, etc. Move with your family, take advantage of the time to keep fit and do not forget to meditate, it is important in these times.

Soon we will give you more tips from Valkiria’s work team and the ones you send us by email or social networks.

From Valkiria we sympathize with all those families who are going through difficult times wishing strongly that everything returns to normal soon.



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