Investing in Virtual Events is an excellent option in 2021

Neither La Sexta nor Cuatro. This year the most viewed chimes were those performed by the youtuber and sports streamer, Ibai Llanos. More than 552,345 people spent New Year’s Eve with him and ate grapes, thanks to the platform. Twitch specialized in live broadcasting. In fact, its virtual event event managed to be one of the most watched events of the year.. So stay with us as we look at why it’s important to invest in virtual events this year and beyond.

If there is one thing that has characterized 2020, apart from the pandemic, it has been the great impact of online communications. impact of online communications. Video calling applications such as Zoom, Skype, or even WhatsApp, have experienced record usability, being used 50% more than in previous years. Likewise, during New Year’s Eve, up to 55 million live video streams were recorded from Facebook and Instagram, according to data from portal

The above examples demonstrate the value that virtual events have acquired, which are no longer to be understood as a temporary should no longer be understood as a temporary solution to the situation we live in; on the contrary, their trajectory points to a long-term future.

Before continuing, we invite you to watch our episode of El Tastet, in which our Valkiria Afterwork producer, Judit Cañizares, gives you a little more information.

Advantages of virtual events

According to the study “Future of the In-Person Business Economy”, conducted by the company Grupo 614, 71% of the professionals in the communication and marketing industry currently imagine an almost virtual future. an almost virtual future for all presentations or meetings related to your business. In fact, they are even betting on it once the health crisis caused by Covid-19 comes to an end. But what are the keys to explaining the importance of this upward trend? Here we show you why investing in virtual events is a great business strategy.

Cost savings

83% of the companies agree that the economic cost is the main advantage offered by virtual events. Savings have always been a priority for any company, but even more so now in the midst of the economic slowdown. In this sense, virtual events are characterized by the great cost reduction they represent with respect to face-to-face events, since they allow to eliminate expenses related to the physical space or travel expenses. of the attendees. This money can also be invested in more innovative elements, which would surprise the public and offer a greater experience.

Increased audience and visibility

Often geographical and time barriers are a problem to attend certain events, a situation that does not occur if the event is held through an online channel. Virtual spaces allow any person, regardless ofregardless of their location, can be part of the be part of the experienceand in the way you want (either through your cell phone, computer, etc.). On the other hand, another aspect that benefits virtual events is the promotion of these through networks, which allows greater visibility among the community, and consequently, to have a great impact.

3. Enhanced experiences

Virtual reality is a trend that is gaining a lot of prominence among event planners as a marketing strategy. Experiences are now designed with the customer’s needs in mind. specific needs of the attendeesThanks to technology, attendees become more active players, asking questions or participating at any time throughout the event.

4. Measurement

Event planning and execution are key, but the impact of the experience on attendees must also be considered. Virtual events allow the measurement of certain indicators to define the degree of success achieved. Metrics are used for data extraction, such as: number of attendees, new attendees, engagement or conversions. It is about capture detailed information to recognize areas of opportunity and strength for improvement in upcoming events.

Valkiria Hub Space gives you 8 keys to organize your virtual event

  1. Choose a central theme on which the event will be based
  2. Plan the format
  3. Looking for a platform that suits your needs, there are infinite
  4. Create a responsive design, so that the content adapts to the different devices devices
  5. Plan the event considering the coherence with the corporate identity corporate identity
  6. Considers the audiovisual productionthe ambience, sound quality or a good internet connection
  7. Create experiences for the users, through the different sensory channels
  8. Make attendees feel part of the event by including interactive elements

From Valkiria Hub Space we offer you the organization of virtual events taking care of all the details. If you are interested in offering your attendees an impressive and surprising experience in which they will feel involved, do not hesitate to contact us. Our committed team will shape your ideas to co-create an event of unique and unparalleled character. Because crises are the ideal time to innovate. We guarantee that investing in virtual events will take your brand to another level and you will be at the forefront of your industry.

Reinventing or Dying: The Case of Valkyrie

Valkiria Hub Space has been working during the months of confinement to to propose alternatives to face-to-face events, taking into account people’s safety. In this case, in July it presented its first proposal for the
“hybrid event”.
an example of a new conception of events, in which the traditional and the new come together to offer a unique and quality result.

If you want to know more about this topic, we invite you to visit our post on
hybrid events.









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