Barcelona: European hub for digital talent

An initiative – promoted by Mobile World Capital Barcelona, Cercle Tecnològic de Catalunya, Barcelona Tech City, Generalitat de Catalunya, Ajuntament de Barcelona, GSMA and 22@Network, in which Valkiriatogether with a group of companies, leads its Talent Commission – BTA (Barcelona Digital Talent Alliance) starts to position the city of Barcelona as a hub of digital talent, and point of convergence of digital skills, required for a new market that is growing in the present and immediate future.

The main objective of the initiative is focused on the creation and retention of professionals with ‘digital skills’ by attracting both local and international talent in Barcelona.

“In the last three months compared to the same period last year, the demand for technology profiles has grown by 40%, while the available professionals have only increased by 7.5%” according to a report on digital talent conducted by Barcelona Digital Talent. That is why it is intended to transform the city into a capital of digital talent on a par with other cities such as Paris, London or Helsinki, considering that Barcelona is already one of the main areas of southern Europe with the largest congregation of innovation hubs, not only in terms of innovation, but also in terms of the number of companies that have been created in the city. Nestlé or Zurich, or by hosting international digital trade fairs and congresses, such as the MWC in Barcelona.

This proposal is launched to provide a solution to the shortage of talent in Barcelona and the rise of companies that request profiles equipped with digital skills.

Barcelona Digital Talent Alliance also studies which are the digital professions of the present and future that will emerge from the study and analysis of the current market. Yolanda Triviño, CEO of Valkyrie and president of the Talent and New Professions Commission of the 22@ Network, took part in a discussion on January 8 in “Matí de Barcelona”, a Betevé radio program, together with Luis Brañas, Linkedin expert and project manager; and Júlia Bacardit, journalist.

Some of the topics discussed during the meeting they had with “El matí de Barcelona” are summarized in the following questions:

What are the most demanded profiles?

The technology sector already occupies 5% of the city’s workers, according to data from the 2018 barometer of the technology sector in Catalonia. Barcelona and Catalonia are consolidating their position as a hub for technology-oriented companies, with more than 15,000 ICT companies established in Catalonia, almost 3,000 of which are based in Barcelona, representing a growth of 25% in the last 4 years.

Currently, the most important jobs are
The sectors in demand in the technology field are telecommunications, telecommunications, telecommunication
and cybersecurity, are the professions most in demand by companies in the
companies, but with fewer applications due to the low level of training of the companies.

It is estimated that by 2030, 85% of the world’s
current trades (most of them traditional) will no longer exist, since it will be
automated systems, a fact that is currently having an impact on the professions linked to
the fields of technology and engineering because of the need for the development of
a new digital society.

What new skills are in demand for the future?

Looking ahead to 2020, it is expected that the
employees will be required to shift 35% of their skills to so-called “soft skills”.
soft, beyond purely technical knowledge. In other words, the future workers
should be able to solve problems if only situations based on the
critical thinking and creativity, as well as emotional intelligence, coordination and
teamwork, cognitive flexibility, among others…
In conclusion, the attitude and profile will be valued much more highly.
multidisciplinary rather than technical capabilities.

What are the new talents?

The most demanded profiles in the
currently are development, programming and digital profiles. From
a few years ago all companies are being digitized, for example the
retail stores, which previously had physical stores and are now switching with
e-commerce or digital stores, and
companies increasingly require more and more processes related to the use of big data.

Yolanda Triviño explains that according to data from the European Union, there are one million job vacancies for STEM profiles: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The needs of the labor market do not go hand in hand with the university studies that are being poured, with the result that the profiles in demand are not found. At the level of Catalonia, the level of vacancies is very high so that companies must find and attract these profiles from outside the country. For example, the job of web programmer, currently in high demand, can be studied at Code Academieswithout having previous studies in technology, so we all have the opportunity to reinvent ourselves no matter how old we are.

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