Five event trends in 2021

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We begin this year with the world still on edge due to the global situation caused by a pandemic. This generates some uncertainty in all of us, however, there is more positivity in the air than a few months ago. So we begin by sharing with you the five event trends for 2021, so you can plan your experiences more efficiently and creatively.

Increased presence of technology

It is no secret that technology has become an increasingly necessary tool in the realization of an event. This has helped us to maintain contact with our audiences and improve the experience when it comes to disseminating information, thinking of the well-being of all attendees and providing new experiences of interactivity and dissemination of our message. In 2021, digital and hybrid events and digital will be the protagonists, this does not mean that the human component has been lost and, on the contrary, we will have a different way of experiencing encounters.

Adaptability of spaces

With capacity controls, biosecurity measures and all the necessary precautions, events will gradually return to our lives, integrating connectivity experiences, online transmissions and the definition of spaces in a new context of interaction for people. This has driven the adaptation of event spaces towards new options for the use of halls, auditoriums, arenas and any place where any event format can be held. In the case of Valkiria, we also adapted our two industrial buildings into recording and broadcasting studios, audiovisual productionand also the restructuring of event set-ups according to the target format.

The aesthetic proposal is fundamental

It is no longer enough to just think of a flat event and make a small presentation. The visual contribution of the events starts from the impact it has on the eyes of the people. So one of the trends for this year is the commitment to make our attendees fall in love with our events from a strong first impression, maintaining a continuous aesthetic, which makes them live a whole experience to those who have contact with your brand and remains imprinted in the memory. Event attendees want to see more than logos or slogans, they want to go on a journey in which, through the visual proposal, they can connect with the mood of your event.

Specialization of the MICE sector

According to some experts, we are living in the era of talent and specialization. The MICE sector cannot be left out of this business and labor dynamics, which has led all professionals involved in the production of events to reach higher levels of specialization, so that the sector has the ability to adapt in an agile and intuitive way to the new needs that are presented and that will come.

Events are a marketing strategy

Gone are the days when events were a gathering of colleagues, co-workers and leisure and recreational spaces. Marketing departments have fine-tuned their strategies to include the development of multi-format events in which, by means of specific KPIs, they have developed actions through the events, by which they can more effectively measure the impact of brands and companies about their target audiences and their relationship with it. So this influences the creation of an experience in a drastic way, helping to positively implement the companies’ marketing strategy.

These are just five event trends for 2021 that we want you to know about. Each of them contains many more trends that further break down what this year of recharged energies will be like.

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