Gastronomy Experience Through Innovation

Next Thursday, February 23rd,

The Innohub Valkyrie

organizes the
First Teambuilding of 2017
with a touch of the most innovative, aimed at the
MICE agencies
The aim of the event is to promote a healthy lifestyle through organic food and the tastiest Catalan wines.

If you want to promote health among employees, improve the work environment, generate positivism and team cohesion, you can not miss this gastronomic Teambuilding given by experts in a welcoming environment.



19:00 h. at 7:30 p.m. Welcome

The Innohub Valkiria will welcome you to this Workplace Innovation Hub where creativity and talent are breathed in the 1,500 square meters that make up the space.

19:30 h. to 20.00 h. Tour of spaces

We will present Valkiria’s novelties, where we come from and where we are going, we will talk to you about World Work Innovation (WWi) and, of course, we will show you Atelier de Kuisine.

20.00 h. at 20:45 h. Teambuilding Activity – Marta Verges, Kalegría

For 45 minutes, Marta Vergés, nutrition specialist and founder of Kalegria, will delight us with the dynamic “Play the Green”.


will delight us with the dynamic “Play the Green” in order to know, in depth, the benefits of green juices and how to enrich the diet through the game of nutritional creation in team. GREEN JUICES and how to enrich the diet through the game of nutritional creation in team.

“With this experiential workshop, teams will create their own green juice with innovative tools and plant-based ingredients,” says Marta.

sable green juices

Marta Vergés motivates and accompanies to people who want to start a new, healthier way of cooking and eating. It shares a formula and style of cooking that increases the optimism, health, balance and energy needed to undertake those vital changes that people desire in their lives. Kalegria offers food and cooking free of long cooking, toxins, gluten, dairy, sugars and animal ingredients. That is to say, everything that weighs, inflames, acidifies our organism and unbalances our emotions. This cooking improves not only the state of mind, mind and body, but also the environment and community.

20.45 h. to 21:30 h. Teambuilding Activity – Miguel Figini, Espai del Vi Català

Miguel Figini, co-creator and promoter of l’ Espai de Vi Català, will give the Teambuilding of “Todos desnuditos”.

Catalan Wine Space

will give the Teambuilding of “Todos desnuditos“. In this workshop we will taste high quality wines of D.O. Catalunya, made with native varieties and well rooted in our landscape.

With more than thirty years dedicated to sales and management in sectors such as education, promotional marketing and computer retailing, Miguel has dedicated the last 6 years to the world of wine, becoming a great promoter of Catalan wines, for which he has received a special mention of recognition from the Catalan Association of Winemakers. He is co-creator and promoter of l’Espai de Vi Català and consultant in hospitality for the implementation of experiences based on the identity of Catalan wine, as is the recent case of the Disset Graus bar in the Born district of Barcelona and Cal Oksana, in the Eixample.

21.30 h. to 23:30 h. Dinner

Fran Boronat

cooking teacher and organizer of

GastronomicTeambuildings at The Innohub Valkiria

, y

Alejandro Gómez

, our chef of Bistrot by Valkiria, will offer us a tasting menu of healthy food that will become part of our gastronomic offer of catering for events.

Valkyrie teambuilding

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