How to create sustainable events and not die along the way

The word sustainability appears more than a billion times when you type it into the Google search engine. Can you guess when this term first appeared in our lives? The concept of sustainability first appeared in 1987, in a report called Brundtland. You already know that our specialty is events, and in this post we will talk about how to create sustainable events in Barcelona.

First we have to tell you that talking about sustainability may sound super cool and modern, but putting this term into practice is not so easy. To make an event sustainable you have to take into account several aspects. This is the only way you won’t die trying.

What is a sustainable event?

A sustainable event is one whose objective of all actions is focused on reducing the negative impact on the planet through the implementation of various decisions. The main purpose is to reduce waste generation, energy consumption and noise pollution.

In addition to the sustainable proposal, what is sought during the development of this type of event is also to raise awareness among attendees so that they adopt attitudes that contribute positively to the environment.

Tips for a sustainable event:


Consumes less

Minimizes the use of raw materials. For example, reduce the consumption of water, electricity and other emissions during your event.

2. Avoid plastic

The world produces
300 million tons of plastic
each year. You could choose to replace plastic with products made from recycled paper.

3. Sustainable Catering

Consider using glassware that can be reused every time you hold an event. It is also not a bad thing to choose a healthy diet with organic products.

4. Ecological merchandising.

If you want to take care of every detail of the event, everything has to be in sync. So green merchandising is the best option to complete your purpose of being sustainable and caring for the environment.

5. Waste treatment

Every detail is taken care of. Make smart use of waste. You should have separate garbage cans for each type of waste so that you can contribute to recycling in your community.

6. Companies with SDGs

Another option to go for sustainability is to choose a space whose company is aligned with some Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), so you can be sure that the company has strong environmental values.

sustainable events in barcelona

Sustainability benefits

You will love this proposal because by organizing sustainable events you not only contribute positively to the environment, but you also save budget. You consume less raw materials, therefore you reduce the economic figures in your invoices, and, consequently, you invest less in the realization of an event.

You align yourself with the global goals of caring for the environment, which gives you a good reputation in the eyes of society. Whenever we do things well, others look at us and that look is positive.

At Valkiria Hub Space we are working to make our events not only innovative and disruptive, but also a way to contribute to the planet. We want to do things right here.


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