WWI Summit 2018 – Future Talent: Envisioning Workforce 2030

Next November 8 and 9, the WWI Summit 2018 will be held under the theme Future Talent: Envisioning Workforce 2030 at Valkiria. Attracting and retaining talent has become a major challenge due to the changing environment and new emerging needs, so we want to encourage the transformation of organizational structures towards new mentalities and directions for a faster adaptation to the environment.

The approach

In this 5th editionyou will have the opportunity to find inspiration, learn and experience success stories from the most important leaders in innovation strategies and corporate cultureThrough Inspirational Talks, Panel Discussions and Showcases, we will discover the skills that companies will require in 2030 and the new tools needed to retain talent.

Simon Dolan, Josepe Garcia, Lluis Altes, Desiree Ballesteros or Carme Castro will be some of the speakers who will be present. In addition, as every year, we will take to the streets with the Innovation Tour to learn first-hand about the most innovative companies in 22@ in Barcelona. Anticipate the future and take with you all the necessary tools for the trends and skills that will be needed by 2030, and put them into practice in your organization.

It’s time for change, WWI Summit 2018 – Future Talent starts now. Shall we get started? More information at:



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