Team Building to return to work in person

The return to face-to-face work is a challenge for all companies. From the onset of the pandemic and the quarantine decree, companies were forced to quickly adopt the necessary measures to maintain team cohesion, constant communication and motivation. Now that you are thinking of returning to face-to-face work, Team Building to return to face-to-face work is a good idea. can be the best way to bring teams back together and increase their motivation and productivity.

According to figures from EurostatBefore the pandemic, only 4.3% of Spaniards made full or partial use of the telematic day. During the pandemic this number increased dramatically and changes in work patterns changed forever.

Returning to work can be difficult due to different factors such as mistrust in spaces adapted with sanitary measures to prevent contagion, resuming the routine away from home, meeting again with co-workers, reducing the alternation days and adapting to new co-workers who have joined the company or adapting to the absence of those who are no longer part of the team.

Team Building and Team Bonding



However, it is necessary to emphasize two distinct concepts: Team Building and Team Bonding. For the consulting firm
, “to create a team, ties must first be formed. For example, think of something as simple as atoms. To become everything we touch, they must join with other atoms and work together.”

Team Building to return to face-to-face work consists of the importance of turning a group of people into a work team. Resuming activities will not only be about returning to the pre-pandemic routine, but also about connecting with others in the midst of the new conditions. For this, it is necessary to leave the work environment and create scenarios and activities prepared and directed by professionals to help us achieve this.

Team Bonding, on the other hand, focuses primarily on strengthening relationships within the team. In this way, carrying out activities in which team members participate collaboratively creates bonds that increase empathy, teamwork and a better understanding of each person’s personal sphere.

A goal postponed

Team bonding Valkyrie

According to the 2019 Global Meetings & Events Forecast study, American Express Global Business Travel’s Meetings & Events division,
Spain will be the country in the European Union with the highest growth in the corporate events segment in the coming years.
with team building taking center stage. The 2020s caused this growth to stagnate, but now that the MICE sector is reactivated with all the innovation, technology and multiple solutions, Team Building is an excellent strategy to return to the office and resume this objective that will allow the new work normality to become an opportunity for business, professional and personal growth for workers.

What do you need for Team Building?


Here are some keys that serve as a starting point for quality Team Building and Team Bondings:

  • Identify the gaps you need to address
  • Define your target and choose how you will segment teams
  • Focus your efforts on managing the work teams to define the type and style of activities
  • Incorporate experts in your Team Building to strategically design and articulate experiences and activities.
  • Get out of the office. Look for spaces where no team member is focused on work tasks so that they can concentrate and live the experience 100%.

At Valkiria we are experts in talent, events and functional and productive teams. This is why we are inspired by the Team Buildings to return to the office, our motivation is that companies live the Valkiria Experience and can resume the return to face-to-face work with all the tools for this new stage of the companies.



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