Why rent a Meeting Room at Valkiria?

One day the door of our office opens and a colleague asks us to locate a meeting room in Barcelona. A sea of doubts crosses our minds and the first question that comes to mind is WHERE? And, of course WHY THERE? AM I SURE?

From Valkiria Hub we want to give an answer to this question.
. We want to explain why to rent our Meeting Rooms and make the decision making process much easier.

We could start by explaining our hourly or daily rates or bonuses, we could say that all spaces can be at your disposal, but we prefer to start with our most human side.

Valkiria Hub Space is a living space where things are always happening around us. To guide you through our facilities, what better guides than our Event Manager, always with a smile on her face.
Almudena Pedraza
Our Event Manager, always with a smile on her face,
Lidia Noguero
our most active Sales Manager, and
Jordi Masides
our most empathetic Sales Manager.

Coworking Community

They are the ones who have much of the credit. In addition, they are the ones who have created, with effort and dedication, the large family of coworkers who live with us every day. The coworkers in Valkiria Hub share space and work tables, exchange ideas, their profiles are varied, from companies, freelancers or entrepreneurs and come from different parts of the world. Undoubtedly, the coworking community enriches Valkiria, creating a productive environment and a very close and familiar atmosphere.

Why not share this coworking environment with our customers?

In our private meeting rooms you will find a fully equipped space, warm spaces and an excellent catering service that will delight attendees both mid-morning and midday. All the dishes are prepared with love and without neglecting the passion that both our chef and our cook
Hector Marina
as well as our cook
Alex Gomez
put into every menu that comes out of our kitchen. Not to mention the dedication and attention that Abraham and Miriam, our maitre d’ and waitress respectively, put into getting these dishes to their guests.

Catering Valkiria

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