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Applying new innovative and creative tools to our events will help us to be immersed in the latest trends and offer added value to the participants: a key factor in a present of constant changes and novelties in the events sector. So what better than to use one of the best innovative tools in events: Escape Room Valkyrie.

Beyond space, scenography and appearance, we have relied on the format. That is why we have created the Escape Room Valkiria: an exchange of personalized and transformative experiences through gamification, where each team member adopts a role but always marked by a collective benefit.

“Si caminas solo llegarás más rápido; Si caminas acompañado, llegarás más lejos”.

Chinese proverb

More than an escape room, it is an innovative tool – where play and the senses (sight, smell, hearing, taste, touch and intuition) are the protagonists – that allows a team, through play, to discover both their individual capacities and group interaction. Our main added value is that through the game we will allow a systemic analysis of a team in order to apply the best in its cohesion and development.

Escape Room Valkyrie

Benefits such as increased motivation and communication in the team, cohesion, decision making and empowerment of people or leadership can be felt when performing this dynamic in which any expectation is exceeded.

¿De qué trata nuestro Escape Room?

A group of workers from a company has been summoned to the Valkiria Hub Space facilities to undergo a medical examination. What they don’t know is that the National Public Health Agency, under the leadership of the unique Dr Dock, has detected an entrepreneurial virus contagion among workers. To combat the virus, Dock locks the workers in a quarantine room in order for them to pass the tests that will allow them to be cured of the virus, neutralize it and escape from the quarantine room within one hour.

To get out of the quarantine room, workers must work together to solve tests and puzzles. They will also have to find a way to discover the vaccine that will neutralize the virus and allow them to escape from the room.

As in many companies, teamwork is essential among the different departments that coexist and are nourished by working together even if they do not share physical space. This is why this Escape Room, aimed primarily at work teams, puts at the center of the game the collaboration under a situation of exceptional isolation of two groups. Players must make the right decisions, not only for their team, but for the group as a whole.

At the end of the activity, it is time for reflection, where all participants explain what their experience has been, whether they have overcome the challenges and expectations and, above all, how the activity has benefited them both collectively and individually.

Here is a testimonial video of the first participants of the Escape Room Valkyrie explaining how was their experience!


¡Los primeros participantes del Escape Room te cuentan como lo vivieron!

Are you up for the challenge?

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