Valkiria drives Events for Future in the MICE Sector

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Valkiria IFF promotes Events for Future in the MICE Sector. We are living in exponential times, where change and transformation are the only common factors of the current enigma. Events are veering towards an experiential journey, with technology being the medium of expression that enables immersive interaction and futuristic experiences.

Valkiria Institute for Futures

On December 10, one of the events of the year took place. Valkiria is constantly transforming and reinventing itself, our DNA has the firm purpose of evolving and adapting to current times and anticipating those that are yet to come. Finally, we were able to turn this transformation into a reality. And after much dedication, perseverance and effort we were able to officially launch Valkiria’s new space: Valkiria IFF -Institute for Futures- .

In this fantastic evening we were honored to have professionals from the MICE sector join us in the mission of unveiling the that will have the strongest influence on future events. Although technology is our ally and helps us enormously, it sometimes separates us as individuals and makes the experience colder and less human. Emotions are inherent to humans and it is crucial to foster communication in which the emotional part is involved.

With the creation of an immersive atmosphere, where each element is in sync with a virtual and luminous environment that allows us to create a staging with a great and powerful Digital Immersive effect.

Valkiria IFF took advantage of the evening to introduce its new creative partner to design and create these immersive Lumentium experiences: a perfectly balanced fusion of high technology and fine dining. They provided us with an innovative experience of
table mapping,
where surfaces were projected with 3D images and mapping for corporate groups. Valkiria has recently been in charge of spreading the service and providing it in Barcelona. Together with Victor Cid, CEO of Lumentium, we presented the experience and invited all attendees to a small group demonstration to witness and have the chance to experience it first hand.



Eventoplus was an indispensable part of the IFF presentation. Eric MottardCEO of Eventoplus, did not want to miss the evening and also gave us a short speech where he presented very briefly what are the trends He spoke about the future of the MICE sector, where he talked about the technological boom that is experiencing and changing events, although the balance between technology and humanization must always be taken into account. It is important to keep in mind that the most authentic, personalized and emotional experiences will always stand out from the crowded and impersonal ones. The connection between people always prevails in front.

Barcelona Events

Lemon and mint is a more than necessary component when thinking about smart events, Arian Bel y Maria Lina Garmendia The company’s mission is to create a value proposition for each occasion, whose maxim is the imprinting of each client’s DNA in an immersive experience. During the event, a live recording of his podcast was made. Events for the futureThe players gathered at Valkiria IFF, seated in a room specially set up for the recording of this product, discussed the value of innovation with the new trends in event management.

podcast events

And precisely, with emotion we wanted to conquer the attendees through this technological interaction. To make this possible, we count on high level collaborators such as:

Rental SP

Each event must be carefully planned to create the desired impact for each of our clients and guests. During the launch of Valkiria IFF, we made sure that every detail provided all the value our guest agencies deserved. So we make sure we have the necessary technical support because, if we are going to talk about technology and innovation, we cannot leave aside the support required to be the best in the market in Barcelona.

Frame Mov

Being powerful and creating the best impact in our events is almost a philosophy at Valkiria IFF. Relying on technology to create high level products is a must forevents nowadays, so we collaborated with Frame Mov to achieve this spectacular welcome.

Other collaborators were more focused on creating interaction through people, their participation was marked by humor and fun:


For any event, the interactive component is important. Challenge your attendees to have fun while testing their skills, memory, motor skills and speed. This possibility is fulfilled thanks to the interactive digital wall offered by Digi Sports, which customizes its technology according to the need of each event and creates a valuable impact to attendees.

Planeta Impro

Part of the innovation in the MICE sector is the inclusion of different types of activities and actors involved in the events. The entertainment and humor serves as a communication bridge to put in the top of mind of the attendees, a methodology of connection between the attendees and invites their active participation, turning the audience into part of your show.

In the Gastronomic frame we had the pleasure to count with the presence of: Pianobar, Fizz Bartneders and the. catering l’Empordà They delighted us with their excellent gastronomic service and helped to create an absolutely gourmet experience mixing technology with flavors and textures that did not leave indifferent.

Fiat LuXx

Opening with a great show, lights, technology, experiences, drinks and food would not have the same positive impact without the presence of music. After having delighted our ears with the presentation of Pianobar, Dj Fiat LuXx took the attendees to the VIP party atmosphere that Barcelona’s top agencies enjoyed during the launch.

Av Synthesis

The photographic record of every relevant event in our lives is vital, so there was no way we could miss our launch event at Valkiria IFF. So we counted on the talent of Ana Basté to carry out this work. Seeing photos we relive unforgettable moments, so here we leave you the photo gallery of an incredible night.

With technology well employed we accompany the attendee in every moment of their experience with us at Valkiria Events for Future.

Surprise, add value and respond to a need. The secret formula for a memorable and meaningful event this evening was thanks to the Valkia Innovation team led by Alex Arnal, Commercial Director and Almudena Pedraza, Production Manager.

Immortalized Experiences that we share with you in the following album

Yolanda Triviño, CEO and Founder Valkiria Innovation

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