Organizations that listen to people

Have we become accustomed to naturalizing adverse work environments? Have we become accustomed to reacting when everything becomes chaotic, even if the cost of managing that chaos demands twice as much time, effort and money? It is important to think of organizations that listen to people.

At Valkiria we not only think about helping you create high impact events, we also think about the importance of talent within organizations, so that their effectiveness and productivity is always directed to personal and professional well-being and that this leads to the success of organizations.

From Centro Mediación Barcelona, we have decided to bet on the dialogue between people, in teams, in departments or in the company in general and in all directions. Therefore, wewould like to invite you tothe event The Organizations that listen to People, which will be held on April 25th at Valkiria (C/Pujades 126).

During the conference, through success stories, we will learn how to integrate the mediating perspective within the organization, which only brings benefits, both at a business and personal level. We will count on the presence of renowned entrepreneurs to tell us their first-hand experience.

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