Valkyrie opens Plató VK

Thinking about a recording set for any audiovisual product is usually the headache of many production companies, agencies, institutes and all industry professionals who often run up against a wall when looking for a space that meets their expectations, in which they can have all the requirements they have and that fits the budget. This is why Valkiria opens
VK Set
a solution of space, technical tools and creativity for all those who are looking for Singular Experiences and want to keep a memory forever to share with others.

The idea

One day, after a day of intense brainstorming and an equally intense coffee, the Valkiria team headed by Alexander Arnal came up with a project idea that, although not at all far-fetched, was presented as an opportunity to diversify the spaces and offer, hand in hand with leading professionals in the sector, a solution for the audiovisual sector that sees in Valkiria a space for the creation and production of all kinds of productions.

This is how Valkiria has created a product that allows, in a customized way, the recording of commercials, video series, movies, programs, photo shoots, and any type of shooting and photo shoot and any type of production thanks to the adaptable spaces and the flexibility of the equipment to be conditioned to all requirements.



The spaces

Plató Vk is designed to be a multimodal service designed for the creative sector, allowing the use of 5 different spaces in our two warehouses, Valkiria Hub Space and Valkiria IFF so that the recording or transmission of any type of audiovisual product can be carried out.

Valkriia Dish

Each of these spaces is designed to meet the different needs of productions and enrich the recording experience. That is why Valkiria opens Plató VK in order to also become a reference as a location for the audiovisual sector, because we understand the needs and demands of such a complex and essential sector for culture and economy.


Extra:Digital Events

As we have mentioned in other blog posts, Valkyrie has taken the plunge without fuss with the realization of hybrid events. However, what would happen if you think about holding a 100% digital event? We would like to think that, like us, it is time to upgrade to digital events, especially in the year in which we all spend more time socializing via mobile and computer screens.


So, what did we invent that is soooooooo innovative? It is not the wheel, because that is already created and has been quite useful to mankind. Keeping the proportions a bit small, but not the ambition, we decided it was time to put all our eggs in the basket and make digital events that go beyond the interaction of a chat. Let your brain and your body connect with the fundamental Singular Experiences and that is why we have created a range of both spatial and technical solutions so that you can design your tailor-made event -like a very good dress- and not be forgotten by the 1500 weekly video calls you now attend.

So, what do you say, let’s have a coffee – or video coffee – and tell us what’s on your mind? If you are definitely curious, don’t hesitate for a second to contact us through any of our means to let us know how you plan your next production or event.



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