The power of video marketing to drive sales

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Capturing a user’s attention is no easy task. When you manage to awaken his interest, it is because you have activated more than one sense in him. This is the explanation of why the ad by the legendary beer brand Estrella Damm, entitled “Otra forma de vivir” (Another way of living), shakes us from head to toe. This is video marketing: it’s the magic of captivating your audience to the point of thrilling them. Now do you understand the power of video?

And to remind a little of what we are talking about. We explain the plot. The song that plays in the background plays an important role. His lyrics are emotional and can touch even the hardest heart. To this we add the story of a woman swimming in the depths of the ocean. She is free, and we can tell by her body language. We immediately recognize that the video communicates that she represents life in the sea, a fish, for example. The video continues and the woman is attacked. The executioner is pollution. It is better to see the

In this post we want to talk about how to get that connection with your community and how to capture the attention of your potential customers. There are different ways to communicate, but the latest studies reveal that the video format is incredibly effective.

For example, according to a Renderforest survey, videos are so effective that they help companies increase brand recognition by up to 70%, increase traffic by 51% and increase sales by 34%.

What is video marketing?

The definition of videomarketing is all over the internet, but here we will leave a simple and quick to understand definition. There is not much of a secret in all this. Videomarketing is a type of audiovisual content used by companies to publicize and position their product or service, using images and sounds to convey a message.

From past experiences, video has the ability to activate more senses in the human being. Watching a video is more effective than reading a text. An audiovisual material stimulates the sight and hearing, and gives you the possibility to create a product combining moving images and diverse sounds, with which you can sensitize your audience.


The recording studio of
Valkiria Hub Space
offers different options; for example, creating professional videos that you can then publish to attract the attention of your
as well as producing totally innovative broadcasts in real time.

This second option allows us to direct the attendees’ experience to a digital environment, controlling their focus at all times and connecting with your audience in an immersive environment. This new approach promises to capture your audience’s interactions as if they were part of an in-person event. Our great ally is POLx, developers of the platform.

We know that videomarketing is the bomb, that’s why we seek to create connection in a 360° environment thanks to our disruptive proposal.


Six benefits of video marketing


Capture the public’s attention

By including a video in a post on your website or social networks, you increase the chances of generating the interest of your visitors. It has been proven that a video attracts more attention than purely written content.

Increase conversion rate

If you get the visitor to stay longer on your social network or website, you increase the chances that they will be more interested in getting to know you and, eventually, that visit will turn into a sale or other type of conversion you are looking for.

Going viral

Going viral does not ensure that the conversion will take place, but it gives you the opportunity for many people to get to know you, which can bring good results in the medium and long term.

More chances to convince

The video conveys feelings. People who engage their emotions are more likely to make immediate decisions. So when you get a person excited, you can get them to make the decision to buy your product or service.

Your brand will be remembered

Even if your video doesn’t go viral (not every video has the ability to go viral), if your content is interesting people will remember you and, at a certain point, the visitor will come back.

Generate more engagement

When you manage to captivate a visitor, you can measure engagement in different ways. An attractive video makes the user visit more than one section of your platform, spends more time, may have more than one session logged in, is able to mention you in other posts, comments, likes, etc. This is super valuable!

Did you have any doubts? We are waiting for you at Valkyrie to create content that captivates your community. See you in the next post!


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