The course: “Skills and tools to face the Digital Transformation in the 21st Century” has arrived.

The program “Skills and Tools to face the Digital Transformation in the 21st Century” arrives to Valkiria Innovation. A 2-month training course that will allow you to acquire the talent and skills necessary to face the digital transformation.

Who is the target audience?

We want to count on the presence of company directors who want to be prepared for the changes that are taking place now and in the very near future that the corporations themselves are demanding.

In order to have some basic notions of what the course will be about and to inform about all kinds of details, a free information session will be held on February 19 at 9:00 am at Valkiria.


Strategy and business planning to attract and retain customers in the digital age
by Andoni Rodríguez de Galarza

  • Understand what three challenges any professional or organization faces in 2019.
  • Identify what skills, tools and techniques you need to meet these challenges,
    which ones you have and which ones you don’t.
  • Acquire skills, tools and techniques to meet the three major challenges.

Tactical actions required to successfully implement consultative selling
Mónica Mendoza

  • Know the difference between the strategic part and the technical part of the sale.
  • Discover tools for value-added consultative selling.
  • Learn the 7 different ways to close a sale: The 7 buying phases of the buyer.

Creation and management of high-performance teams and digital leadership.
by Lluís Soldevila

  • Acquire a high level of Self-knowledge, both with objective and subjective tools.
  • Learn how to manage emotions to adopt a high performance attitude at all times.
  • Increases the probability of success in achieving objectives.
  • Get to know innovation and creativity methodologies and learn tools for motivation and self-motivation.

How to create and enhance your own Personal Brand to identify, transmit and make visible your talent by
Carme Castro

  • Develop your personal brand, expressing yourself clearly, concretely and transmitting with conviction.
    to achieve credibility in the messages with the different interlocutors.
  • Develop your digital communication skills and learn techniques to present briefly and captivatingly to the audience.
    a project or a presentation.

Cohesion and integration of internal and external teams (Network) to increase efficiency and efficacy by Maria Ireland

  • Learn how to find quality contacts and introduce yourself by captivating the person’s interest.
  • Learn how to manage your network to be more efficient in finding information and solutions.
  • Learn how to create, manage, maintain and expand your professional network.
  • Get to know the professional networks of your business sector.

The art of managing conflicts by incorporating the culture of dialogue in organizations
Carol Pinilla

  • Find out why conflicts occur
  • It deepens in the different fundamental techniques of conflict resolution.
  • Develops effective communication and a more integrated, motivated and proactive work team.
  • It promotes good corporate health, conflict management in all its forms and the consequent reduction of associated costs.

You can’t miss it, we are waiting for you!


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