Inclusiveness of talent in today’s society, utopia or reality?

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Today we need a society that is inclusive and that under no circumstances should there be cases of inequality or discrimination. However, sometimes, due to the current social context, one may come to think that an inclusive society is worthy of a utopia.

Fortunately, social change is the order of the day. Every day, thanks to their projects, some heroines without capes are responsible for bringing about social change through the inclusiveness of talent and events. These people who fight for change are closer than we think, from Valkiria we have gathered in our program ‘Smart Events’ three drivers: Maria José Serra, director of Miah Management, Natalia Valenzuela, director of the Ires Foundation and Miriam Bergmann, founder and CEO of Match Mode.

The topics discussed in the webinar were: events with the purpose of promoting change in the face of social nonconformity, values and driving messages for social action, and encouraging participation and support for the projects presented. The following are three projects by women entrepreneurs who are committed to improving society.

Inclusive fashion by Miah Management

Maria José Serra’s modeling agency bet on inserting in the Spanish market a trend detected in Italy: inclusive fashion. In this way, they were pioneers in creating a modeling agency for curvy models with all body types. That is to say, this agency not only disaggregates in size, but also in age, race, diverse characteristics, among others.

Thus, with the Curvy Catwalk, an event that years ago had been a contest, they sought to include the talent that is less visible through a fashion runway, where models had the opportunity to make themselves known in front of different brands and professionals.

Opportunities for All by IRES Foundation

Natalia Valenzuela, through the Ires Foundation, aims to carry out actions that benefit society. The foundation, which specializes in providing comprehensive care to families in vulnerable situations, collaborated with the 22@Network association. In this collaboration, they created an event called EMOCIONART with the objective of making visible and raising public awareness of the unequal situation of women aggravated by the effects of the pandemic. The project consisted of a
performative activity
collaborative murals and solidarity cards were created.

Through this type of projects, they seek to raise awareness about different concerns, such as gender violence, and to detect new social needs. In short, they carry out projects for the inclusiveness of non-conventional talent, that is, they give opportunities to people who do not have them.

Connecting professionals through Match Mode

The Match mode platform, founded by Miriam Bergmann and specialized in the fashion industry, connects the best freelancers with fashion projects. This startup was created to promote a new way of working, so they held Match Talks, an online event with solidarity purposes in which they donated the money raised to the Roure Foundation.

In this way, they contribute to attracting talent by connecting professionals with projects. Therefore, through the event they make their project visible and promote a new way of attracting talent.

By joining this all-female panel, during the webinar very interesting key points were reached, such as the fact that the events are committed to diversity and inclusiveness to talent, especially female talent that needs to be given more of a voice, or create events that are meaningful and much more emotional. Likewise, as a final point, I would like to highlight the curiosity that, despite not knowing each other and each having their own social purpose at different levels, synergies arose between them to continue contributing to society and, thus, achieve the transformation that we need so much. All this through events.


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