Croma Key, present and future

What can a simple green background do?

A chroma key is a background that allows you to replace that color with the space you want through a process of color substitution, using specialized equipment. It is very common on the big screen to see scenes that take place in spaces that in the real world are difficult to find, this is because they actually make use of a chroma key to simulate the background they want, however unrealistic it may be. That’s right, the chroma key allows you to be wherever you want to be.

This type of background is mostly green or blue. This is because they are the colors that are the furthest away from our skin tone. In addition, digital cameras are more sensitive to these tones, which facilitates the manipulation process. On a set where the chroma key is present, green or blue clothing is prohibited, depending on the color of the chroma key.

Valkyrie Iff chroma key

Virtual events, Valkiria Institute for Futures

Virtual events have become part of the new reality, and innovation and reinvention in the MICE sector are paramount. Videoconferencing platforms are a tool to continue creating events without the face-to-face factor, but after a year since the beginning of the health crisis caused by COVID-19 it is necessary to go a step further.

Chroma enables digital events that boost attendance through its attractive scenery and interconnect communities from anywhere in the world. Valkiria Hub Space is characterized by creating ‘innovative events for organizations that think differently’, it was decided to set up a space with a chroma to continue offering unique experiences.

Valkiria Institute For Futures is a space with a 25 m2 chroma room that allows digital events with unique stage designs, adapted to the client’s needs. The design of the space, apart from incorporating elements that add value to the stage, allows the participation of people inside and outside the set. Valkiria IFF also has the space that all events require for a good coordination of the human team so that the production of experiences is impeccable.

Some of the virtual events that have taken place in this space using the chroma key:

BSC at Valkyrie IFF

Advantages that chroma key brings to your brand

The possibilities of the chroma key are not limited to the change of space, but its functionalities are more extensive and transferred to the world of events it allows to offer the public creative experiences. The chroma key allows:

  • Connections
    in the form of an interactive mosaic
  • Incorporation of augmented reality to allow interactive display of data and results
  • Creation of 360º spaces
  • Arrangement of different spaces on a single stage
  • Changes of scale and dimension of the elements

If you want to know more about the Valkiria Institute For Futures chroma key, we invite you to watch this video that shows the creation process. The chroma is a good ally to offer different events and create innovative products, it will not leave anyone indifferent.


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