The five skills to be employable in 2030

Experts Simon Dolan and Xavi Olba, members of the Valkyrie Innovation Community, discuss what kind of skills will be needed for future employment. The digital, virtual and globalized world will dictate the type of skills needed for tomorrow’s jobs.

According to
Simon Dolan
Simon Dolan, president and co-founder of the Global Future of Work Foundation and member of the Valkyrie Innovation Community, there are three forces that are transforming the world of the future: the digital and technological world, the virtual world and the globalized world. In fact, according to the expert, in 2033 the level of artificial intelligence will be equivalent to human intelligence and we will start competing with machines and, on the other hand, the word play and work will be an equivalent. In addition, for Xavi Olbaalso a member of the Community of Valkyrie and consultant in digital strategy and innovation, society is moving faster and faster and large companies are not the ones that always win, but the most agile or innovative companies are the ones that are transforming their sectors of activity. All this context draws a new scenario of skills and competencies to make a place in the labor market of the future, what are those skills to be employable in 2030?

According to
Simon Dolan
we must differentiate between two types of skills. The so-called “hard” skills (which will always be necessary, since they are knowledge) and the “soft” skills, which are the most difficult to find for companies and are the ones that will make the professional employable in the future.

Ability to search for information and create trusted networks. It is necessary to have a professional who knows how to find the necessary information at the right time. In a world oversaturated with information, locating the information that really matters is complicated.

Proficiency in different languages and computer skills. Globalization makes it necessary to speak several languages; one language is no longer enough.

Creativity (cognitive skills). The ability to learn, unlearn and relearn. Do not be afraid to get involved. When you do something new, obviously, you can make mistakes, but the basis is that you have to learn constantly.

Ability to negotiate, renegotiate and even with your worst enemy. Managing conflicts as a source of learning and managing stress and promoting well-being.

Be proactive. The employee of the future will have to move with passion, with the feeling of always looking for innovation.

For his part,
Xavi Olba
a consultant in digital strategy and innovation and member of the Valkiria Innovation Community, talks about a basic skill for the job seekers of the future: “They must not be great possessors of knowledge, but they must be great managers of knowledge”. In addition, they must have highly developed emotional intelligence. To his list, he adds another set of core competencies.

Authentic. The 2030 candidate has to be himself, know very well what he wants and be honest. Know very well the values that move you.

Resilient. You have to know that things don’t happen the first time, and that you need to give your teams time.

Humble. A much overlooked skill is humility. Someone who is humble, Olba says, knows himself very well and knows his strengths and areas for development. He allows himself to be helped by his people. It is clear to him that he does not have an answer for everything. And, most importantly, they are passionate about continuous learning, but always from practice.

Attitude. In other words, they are always on their best behavior in all situations. When he has to row, he rows. But when he has to put his mind to it to see where the boat is going, he does.

Simon Dolan
Xavi Olba
presented two conferences organized by
on future skills and talent management at the last edition of BizBarcelona. As part of the meeting, Valkiria presented theWorld Work Innovation (WWi) Summit 2018: Envisioning Workforce 2018, to be held on November 8 and 9 in Barcelona.

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