The future of learning in organizations towards 2030

Robots are here to stay and in the not so distant future unemployment rates will rise, eliminating and/or creating many jobs. They are already here

But… what are we better at than robots?

As they pointed out at the event “
Exploring the world” by TEdxHoritzoSchool
intuition and novel tasks will be performed by humans while robots will take over repetitive and data-driven tasks. However, the Artificial Intelligence that characterizes robots allows them to have empathy and emotional intelligence.

wwi robots

Faced with a globalized, disruptive and constantly evolving world and technological advances, a new model of education system is proposed to enhance the skills of the youngest.

We will change the way we educate if we change the way we think.”

According to
Eduard Vallory
Director of the Escola Nova 21 Program, “the transformation of the educational system lies in the personalization of learning, but there is still a long way to go“.

In fact, “85% of the jobs in 2030 don’t existtoday,” says Palo Alto’s Institute for the Future (IFTF) from Palo Alto, who was a star institution at the “Future of the Future” conference.WWi Summit 2017. From Open Innovation to Change of Culture“on October 5th and 6th at

Valkyrie Hub.

As they pointed out at the event “
Exploring the world”.
Fernando De la Rosa
founder of
Foxize School
and one of our speakers at WWi Events Agenda 2017 e
Iván Bofarull,
Director, Global Insights & Strategic Initiatives at ESADE and closely associated with
Singulartity University
highlighted in
that “we cannot understand the future of education if we do not understand the future of work”.

But schools and institutes are not the only ones responsible for changing their mentality and focusing on new learning methodologies. Companies are just another ‘institution’ in charge of educating society. This was the conclusion drawn from the
IX Afterwork APD (Association for the Progress of Management)
in Barcelona, the largest management event held in the city throughout the year.

It is the role of companies to invest in ongoing education and in addressing social and environmental changes, to encourage and promote a change in laws in response to the collaboration model of the future and the emergence of new market niches so that Spain ceases to be the country with the greatest inequality of wealth in the European Union.

The challenge for companies with a strong

Corporate culture

The challenge for companies with a strong corporate culture lies in attracting, retaining and motivating talent, turning employees into brand ambassadors, providing them with training and knowledge and betting on ‘soft skills’.
soft skills
‘. He shows us
Matthew Flynn
Matthew Flynn, Future of Work Theme leader at PWC’s Chair in Digital Economy.

workforce trends

Company leaders have to lead the organization driven by values (ethical, emotional and economic) so that there is an alignment between company and employee and reach a common goal. This is how he explains it
Simon Dolan
The Global future of Work Foundation.

Lifelong learning

The vision to ‘adapt’ to the work environment is complicated by the fact that we live in a VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) environment, so learning to continuously reinvent oneself is vital. We have gone from “I am” to “now I am”.


What are the trends of the Future of Work? What debate is established?

future debate

For 4 years we have been growing a community interested in new ways of working within the framework of the future of work, providing it with experts, innovation tools and more than 30 events that we organize per year, around the following themes: Human Talent, Tech Productivity, Employability, Learning Lab and Working Co.. They are large and small companies and even self-employed professionals who want to be part of the international movement based on new labor trends.

Our values are based on the


as the nerve center of all we do, the driving force behind these


that drives us to promote these projects, the


change in the organizations and the


that everything is sustainable over time.

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