Valkiria’s Night a success in the MICE sector

On September 19, we presented one of the events that is part of the history of Valkiria Innovation: VALKIRIA’S NIGHT. In this very special event for us, celebrating 6 years of trajectory, we presented our 3 blocks of new experiential products as new trends in events: that made Valkiria’s Night a success in the MICE sector.


Nearly 150 agencies attended to discover the new innovative tools applied to events. It was a day in which innovation and creativity were the true protagonists of the evening. The 150 agencies that participated in the day were divided into 4 groups, because through game dynamics they were able to discover these new tools.

It was Quico Taronjí, the well-known journalist, adventurer, lecturer, writer and current TVE-1 presenter, who energized the event by welcoming the attendees and immersing them in the world of the Valkyries. Who were they? Why do they represent us? So were the original Valkyries, and so are we.” Quico also welcomed Yolanda Triviño, CEO and co-founder of Valkiria Innovation, who explained the reason for the celebration, as well as Valkiria Innovation‘s current achievements and future challenges.

Yolanda was in charge of presenting the new experiential products, but first she had to group the attendees into the following groups: Detailistas, Apasionad@s, Creativ@s and Arriegad@s, and introduce the corresponding guides.

Thus, each of the groups went with a guide to discover the blocks of products positioned in each of the aforementioned rooms.

Participants only had 15 minutes to try one of the demos of our product blocks.


We entered the Learning Lab room. Two innovative tools were applied in this dynamic: Manual Thinking and gamification methodology, because through the game we can generate networking, team cohesion, promote motivation, customer loyalty … The Manual Thinking tool is collaborative and gives voice and vote to all team members, who can participate and give their opinion in an equitable manner. The game consisted of winning a final prize through a series of clues that consisted of answering four very creative questions that could stump even the most skillful player.

The questions posed for the application of Manual Thinking were:

– If you were told that you were immortal and that none of your actions were going to be punished, what is the first thing you would do?

– What would you ask the you of 20 years from now?

– What do most people usually think about you that is not true?

– What is love?

Through the formulation of these questions, the participants had to respond in writing using the Manual Thinking tool. Through a series of clues contained in the game we were able to discover the author of the most creative answer. It was all laughs, lots of fun and they got ideas to apply to their own events.


First time: We present you the new Escape-room by Valkiria!

We enter the Coworking room, a scientist in a white coat appears and explains why we are here:

The reason why we are in the room is due to a possible infection of a virus so we will not be able to leave the room until we solve a series of tests and prove that we are not a danger to public health and business. The virus is very dangerous because it interferes with the proper functioning of work equipment.

To cure ourselves of the possible infection we must solve 5 tests corresponding to the 5 senses: sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch. We will also have to solve an escape box to get out of the room. This box will test our logic and reasoning abilities. If participants passed the first test in groups of 2-3 people, they had direct access to the next test in the Kreativity room, but this time as a group.

“We have 10 minutes to solve the different tests and leave the room healthy. Best of luck.”


In this space there was a tasting of all our gastronomic dynamicsIn this space there was a tasting of all our gastronomic dynamics such as Masterchef of tapas, Masterchef of cooking and our novelty which is the Master Cocktail.

Upon entering the InnoGallery room, participants were welcomed and then divided into two groups: on the right side we had Mixology Art, who explained some cocktails and their history, as well as the dynamics of the cocktail Masterclass that Valkiria offers.

On the other hand, Fran Boronat, cooking teacher and expert in gastronomic workshops, was waiting for us on the left side, where he delighted the attendees with a brief explanation about the workshops for company dynamics with work teams.

Between rooms, participants could visit the InnoKube, transformed into a darkened Inspirational zone with black lights, where posters with hidden inspirational and motivational messages were hung, where participants could also add their phrases.

In the Inspirational Coffee space, we created a corner technology where we had the robot REEMone of the company’s proposals PAL ROBOTICSwhich is also part of the 22@ district, and virtual reality glasses, thanks to Virtual Agewhere attendees could immerse themselves in a 3D universe. We also had a fantastic golden Photocall thanks to Smybox, which was one of the key fun points of the night.

Thanks to Manos de Fuego we had a combination of magic and lights with galactic dresses first on stilts, and then dancing to the rhythm of hula-hoop…. A light show!

Once the participants had gone through all the rooms, they gathered in the main Hub where the REEM robot gave away several prizes to some of the participants through a raffle. Some of you also shared the experience that was Valkyrie’s Night by answering which of the 3 dynamics seemed to you the most complete and innovative, and above all, applicable.

Many thanks to all the attendees for making such a magical evening possible. Undoubtedly, it was a memorable night where we had fun and learned new ways to make your event innovative. Also to all the collaborators for helping us to make the evening a success. We hope you enjoyed the experience to the fullest, see you next time! Don’t miss the video:

Cristina Vidal Miñarro

Communications Officer at Valkiria Innovation


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