The feminine power of Valkyrie

Barcelona is full of talent, it is one of the most important poles of attraction of talent in southern Europe and Valkiria is a space where women have the power, we want to show you the feminine power of Valkiria.

Today we want to share with you how proud we are to work every day with a group of intelligent, talented, capable, creative, enterprising and diverse women who give a magical touch to every experience at Valkyrie.

Yolanda Triviño – Founder of Valkiria & CEO Valkiria IFF – Institute For Futures

Valkyrie Talent Yolanda-Triviño

Eight years ago the dream of Valkiria began as a space that would offer Barcelona the possibility of going beyond its expectations. Based on this premise, thousands of people have had the opportunity to come to Valkiria to live unparalleled experiences, learn, share, network and consolidate a community as resilient and innovative as the one Yolanda has built.

His experience, intelligence and skill have been key elements in the company’s growth and positioning. It recently upped the ante with the inauguration of Valkiria IFF, a space dedicated to innovation, the future of work and organizations as epicenters of the city’s development.

Véronique Barlagne – Director of Human Resources

talent Valkyrie Veronique Barlagne

With an unmistakable French accent, Valkyrie’s most analytical person motivates an entire team. It’s not easy to put together a dream team, yet Véronique makes it look like child’s play.

His extensive experience in the area allows him to lead projects, adapt to the needs of the company, propose solutions and always seek the best conditions for each project to go ahead efficiently. Not for nothing is she an expert in bringing out the best in people.

Cristina Vidal – CCO Chief Communications Officer

Valkyrie Talent Cristina Vidal

Creativity, agility and organization are three words that anyone who has worked with Cristina could say to describe her. It’s in everything – EVERYTHING – and you don’t know how. She can be seen making copies, videos, thinking of proposals for future projects, planning content, responding through social networks, supporting any member of the team and whatever else the imagination can come up with.

Its energy is, without a doubt, a Valkyrie stronghold. A specialist in communication, branding and much more, our CCO is a key woman in the development of Valkiria’s initiatives.

Queralt Aulestia – Project Manager

Valkyrie Talent Queralt Aulestia

She is an expert in organizing and producing events. But to get to organizing and producing, you first have to close the event, and we all know that the art of selling is far from simple. Queralt is astute, disciplined and outspoken, this must also be because she is a handball crack.

He knows Valkiria like few others from the inside and this allows him to understand the clients and their needs, adapting to the changes and challenges of the environment.

Natalia Triviño – Sales Madrid

Valkyrie Talent Natalia Triviño

Always attentive to details, from Madrid Valkiria has a professional of the MICE environment who brings all her knowledge of the sector and opens spaces so that companies can count on the talent of Valkiria in Madrid. Impressing her particular style, Natalia accompanies the team in all projects.

Genoveva Martinez – Finance and Management Associate

Valkyrie Talent Geno Martinez

Analytical, dynamic and flexible are Geno’s adjectives. He has more than 15 years of experience in finance, accounting, administration and auditing. Every project, every event passes through her eyes, and she is always ready to lend a hand to every member of the team. She is kind all the time, funny, humorous and very intelligent.

Lissette Cruz – Junior Project Manager

Valkyrie Talent Lissette Cruz

Lissette has pure heart and talent. Seeing her at full power every day infects the whole team with energy no matter how much work there is, or how complex it is. He specializes in creating memorable experiences through exceptional events, and he does not miss even the smallest detail.

She is methodical and careful, she infects us with her Caribbean love and always has a smile on her face. It’s your attitude that makes it all work.

Luisa González – CMO


Talento Valkiria Luisa González

Since I’m not the best at writing about how great I am, I asked Cristina with her creative gifts to write something about me, so this is what she said:

Resolute, energetic and relentless. Luisa is a whirlwind who revolutionizes the company with her talented skills as a journalist and communicator. Their expertise in marketing and strategy makes it possible for our brand to have the positioning it needs. In a short time, he has taken over the entire team and has always shown enthusiasm, enthusiasm and passion for each of his steps within the company. His authenticity, electricity and funny witticisms always bring that “good vibes” and laughter needed in everyone’s day-to-day life”.

These are the women of Valkiria, our diversity of backgrounds, professional profiles, tastes and ages make this project a daily learning experience.

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